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Third party DRM: Origin

Please note that the free third-party service, Origin, must be used to activate this title.


For the first time in the series on PC, FIFA 15 is powered by the Ignite engine, bringing the highest level of realism ever seen in a game of soccer.

FIFA 15 brings soccer to life in stunning detail so fans can experience the emotion of the sport like never before. Witness the intensity of crowds chanting and cheering like on match day, and listen to commentators guide fans through the story of the game with Dynamic Match Presentation. For the first time ever, all 22 players on the pitch are connected with Emotional Intelligence – now players will react to opponents and teammates within the context, and relative to the narrative of the match. Next Generation Visuals put fans on Living Pitches with grass that wears and tears as the match progresses. Authentic Player Visuals make players lean, athletic, and true to their real-life appearance. Player Control heightens the responsiveness of player movement, gives athletes more control and personality on the ball, and makes Man-to-Man Battles more rewarding than ever before. Soccer is the greatest drama on earth and FIFA 15 puts fans center stage, allowing them to feel the emotion and intensity of the world’s greatest sport.


Incredible Visuals

  • Authentic Player Visuals — The Next Generation soccer player has arrived – players faces are now incredibly detailed and their bodies are lean, powerful, and athletic, just like their real life counterparts.
  • Living Pitch — Pitches are alive in FIFA 15. Slide tackles and boot marks are now visible on the pitch, and as the match progresses, the playing surface becomes increasingly weathered just as it would in a real match.

Emotion & Intensity

  • Emotional Intelligence — For the first time ever, all 22 players on the pitch are emotionally connected to each other. Players will react and respond organically with new reactions to bad tackles, missed chances, goals, and more.
  • Dynamic Match Presentation — the FIFA 15 experience will immerse you in the action and never take you out of the moment. Crowds will now have local flavour with cheers and chants for their club, league, country, or continent.

Player Control

  • Agility & Control — Player responsiveness and ball control are on a whole new level in FIFA 15. Run Touch Dribbling allows players to better keep the ball under control in a sprint and in close-touch situations. More precise steps and turns at low speed, and closer control at high speeds give fans more control and increased mobility when commanding players on the pitch.
  • Man-to-Man Battles — In FIFA 15, physicality reigns supreme in the battle for possession. Full-Body defending, push/pull mechanics, possession tackles and shirt pulling all make defending your goal more rewarding than ever before.
  • Correct Contacts — FIFA 15 revolutionizes the way the soccer responds and reacts to contact – for every kick, touch or deflection, the ball will spin, dip, and move accurately.
  • Set Piece Control — Experience more freedom in attack with the ability to take control of teammates during throw-ins, corners, and free kicks.

Customer reviews


A giant leap for FIFA on PC, small steps for the FIFA Series.

papazdo | Sept. 27, 2014 | See all papazdo's reviews »

This is definitely the best FIFA game to date and it should be. For years PC users have been left behind when it’s come to the advances the game receives on the console and now the new Ignite engine is now on PC. The visual upgrade on PC is much needed, and is night and day compared to FIFA 14. Player faces have been improved greatly, though still don’t quite match the detail that you might see from the NBA 2K series. The game looks great and the new additions are great from the key features are fantastic.

For those familiar with the series, these are my let-downs with compared to previous FIFA games. [Currently 28th Sep]

  • Practice mode has been completely stripped back, only allowing for the 1-1 goalkeeper mode. No practise matches, no set piece practise or other training modes. No replays during training either.
  • Ultra Widescreen monitors are not compatible, such as 21:9 aspect ratios. With display black bars on the left and right side. (FIFA 14 did have support for 21:9/triple monitor setups)
  • FIFA modes are practically all the same. Such a Career mode and Be a Pro mode is almost copy and paste from previous FIFA game. (Transfer mode has been redesigned with a faster instant player name search.) All attention pretty much went to FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode for obvious ‘fifa point $$’ reasons.
  • Custom Teams with custom players have been removed, these are only available on the ps3/xbox360 versions of the game. So no more career mode with your custom made team.
  • Rosters are not entirely up to date, Ronaldinho is not in the game despite his team being in the game. This should be updated. (Player is available in Ultimate Team)
  • Graphic options available at the launcher, with options for only Low & High, no specific graphics options to adjust. Although most medium to high systems will get 60fps quite easily.

All the improvements to this year FIFA are mainly to the gameplay and the Ultimate Team mode. The gameplay is always the most important and the improvements are great. Though many of the modes in FIFA are starting to feel quite dated and really lack any sort of innovation in the FIFA modes. Even FIFA 06 offered better RPG elements in career. More and more EA are stripping back features from FIFA to simplify the experience. I’m not sure if that is quite a good thing and will most likely drive many hardcore fans away from the game. EA FIFA aren’t facing much competition at the moment and therefore are playing quite safe. Though PES are looking quite strong this year, and it would be wrong if EA decide to continue to play safe. Look at their NBA series as an example.

To wrap up, do I love this game: Yes! I’ve spent over 50 hours already. I’m highly addicted. Do I think this game could be much better: Yes! Because in terms of features and modes it can barely compete with many decade old FIFA games. Still unsure? Well just try the Free Demo on Origin.