Football Director


"If your new to sports simulations or want something which is both quick and easy, then Football Director will be the perfect starting point." - Jump to Gamer

Choose any of over 200 clubs from leagues across England and Europe and get ready to take your team to league triumph and cup glory.

Buy and sell players, hire and fire staff, build and train your squad, then call the shots on match day.

Key Features:

  • Customise formations, positions, player roles and match day tactics

  • Dynamic Transfer system with shortlist feature to watch that star player

  • Comprehensive club and player histories and statistics

  • News hub and notification system keeps you up-to-date with club and fixture information

  • Watch a match in real-time with full control over tactics and substitutions or auto resolve for quick play

  • Promote youth players and scout for that un-signed gem

Customer reviews


Great football manager!

drafek | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews ยป

In this football manager you have to sell and hire players and staff. It's a little different then the other football managers. You can customize a little more. There also are alot of players. You also can watch real life tactics, which is nice. You can also promote players. Worth getting it's pretty cheap!