Poker Night 2

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


The chips are down and the ante is up in this sentence already bursting with poker clichés! Take the fifth seat in Poker Night 2, at a table featuring Claptrap (Borderlands 2), Brock Samson (The Venture Bros.), Ash (Army of Darkness) and Sam (Sam and Max series). Play to unlock new Team Fortress 2 items and win unique skins and heads for Borderlands 2! Your dealer is GLaDOS (Portal series), but at no point will you be considered as a candidate for a visit to Aperture Science’s Enrichment Center. Unless you lose.

Key Features:

  • Play to win exclusive and unique item unlocks that you can show off in TF2 and Borderlands 2!

  • Listen to your new poker buddies’ hilarious banter discussing life, Rusty Venture’s underwear and other amusing anecdotes!

  • Unlock in-game bounties including themed tables, chips, cards and more awesome items!

  • Play either Texas Hold ‘em or the slightly less popular Omaha Hold ‘em. No one knows why it’s less popular. Omaha is a great place.

Customer reviews


Even better than the first one

GigaPudding | June 7, 2015 | See all GigaPudding's reviews »

The first poker night was an awesome game with lots of jokes and fun banter between the players but surprisingly enough it got even better in the second one. There are new players in the game, new dealer even and more options to customize your experience with new decks, chips and more :D. More hilarious dialogues, cool musics, unlocks for team fortress and stuff. I mean I can't recommend this game enough, it's just perfect.


Short but important review. Great game

StefaNob99 | Oct. 11, 2014 | See all StefaNob99's reviews »

I own this on both PS3 and PC and there's nothing much to say aside from that this is a brilliant Poker game with tasteful humour, solid dialogue and a great cast. Main Cast: Sam. (Sam & Max) Max. (Sam & Max) Brock Samson. (The Venture Bros.) Ash Williams. (The Evil Dead) Claptrap. (Borderlands) GLaDOS. (Portal) Reginald Van Winslow. (Tales of Monkey Island) Cameos: Steve the Bandit. (Borderlands) Mad Moxxi. (Borderlands) Doug. (The Walking Dead) Save-Lot Bandit. (The Walking Dead) Waiter. (Gravity Bone.) The Good: - Humour is great. - Voice acting is top notch. - Colourful cast of characters. - Well worth the price of £3.99. - Excellent replayability value. - Unlockable items in both Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2. The Bad: - Optimization isn't great. - Some annoying glitches. Such as; achievements not unlocking and items not unlocking properly. - Animation bugs. - Audio bugs. Final Verdict: 8.8/10 I hope you found this review helpful!


Amazing game!

key2112 | Oct. 7, 2014 | See all key2112's reviews »

I didn't really know how to play poker before buying this, but I loved the idea of playing poker with these nice characters so I just went with it. And for the money I paid, I gotta say, it's TOTALLY worth it. Even if you don't know how to play poker, don't mind that, the game is easy to learn. A short tutorial can help you with that. You shouldn't really buy this if you don't enjoy card games, because that's exactly what this is. All the conversations between characters are amazingly fun, but in the end, you're playing cards. Anyway, the game is great. Is all about the character interaction. Glados and Claptrap have some of the best lines of the game, Sam from Sam & Max is great too, then there's Ash from Army of Darkness and Brock, who I didn't really know before buying this, but he's pretty fun. The game moves smoothly, you have unlockables to get by winning each tournament and you can get tokens to buy skins for the game, which are great and trigger some new conversations. You also unlock items for Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2. And well, that's pretty much all there's to it. It may not look like much, but playing a tournament of poker after a long day can be really relaxing. I have 10 hours on it and plan to get some more, so I can get all the achievements. Something bad about it, well, you could say that the conversations get repetitive after a while. But it already has a lot of content and it cost only 5 dollars, even less in a sale. So if you like the characters on the game or poker, you have no excuse. Just buy this. You won't regret it. I hope Telltale makes a third part eventually.



Obsessor | Oct. 1, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Yes, I grabbed this game when it was on sale for less than a pound. When not on sale it costs less than 4 pounds. And still totally worth it. I turned it on for a minute, just to play a hand or two. Got stuck for an hour. Losing 140,000$ in the process, and listening to some witty and funny commentaries. If you want to play single player poker(Texas Hold'em or Omaha), this is the thing for you. Even though people buy this game mostly for the free Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands items, you know what? I don't play TF2, I don't have Borderlands. And I still like to play Poker Night. Because it's simply fun.


Shut up, Claptrap, nobody cares

midgetjacks | Sept. 30, 2014 | See all midgetjacks's reviews »

I really enjoyed the first Poker Night. I'm not a big poker guy, don't have the patience for it. Doesn't help that my poker face is about as subtle as emoticons. So I don't play much. But I did enjoy the first game because I could fumble my way from hand to hand and enjoy the banter among the characters. So the games in this series live or die by the characters and writing at the table. Unfortunately, for me, Brock is the only interesting participant. Ash would've been fun if they could've gotten Bruce Campbell, since that character is truly just him hamming it up at every opportunity. So what's left if I don't really care about the characters? Oh yeah, poker. So, of all the available poker games, does this do anything different or better? I don't know, really, but I do know that the game itself is kinda sluggish. If I want to play a card game, I want it to be snappy, keep the game going. Instead it just goes about it's lazy pace while I dream of Brock leaping across the table and eviscerating Claptrap. But it doesn't happen, and I get bored, and go looking elsewhere for amusement.