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"you'll find a rich and highly enjoyable game that should keep you occupied for months." - VideoGamer

"There aren't a lot of games that offer as much variety as Battlestations: Pacific does. Yet impressively, no feature seems as if it received the short end of the stick; each gameplay element stands out on its own. Combined, they lead to an exciting and varied experience that should appeal to action junkies and armchair tacticians alike." - GameSpot

BattleStations: Pacific is the immense sequel to the critically acclaimed Battlestations: Midway. The innovative franchise returns to complete the entire Pacific War with two massive single-player campaigns, the historically based US campaign and a historically possible Japanese campaign.

Players will experience one war through two epic sagas to be a part of history or change it. Commanding the US Fleet, players relive the grandest and most critical naval battles of the Pacific War and for the first time, as the Japanese, players lead the IJN Fleet to a completely different ending to the war.

No other game delivers the challenge of an RTS with the rush of real-time WWII flight and naval warfare. Players need intelligence and expertise to plan their moves in order to remain one step ahead of the opponent. The players command both strategy and action to anticipate every opponent move and turn the tide of war.

Twice the size of the original, the sequel includes 28 major battles, 100 units including 21 new units, five new innovative multi-player modes across eight new multi-player maps, and new features which include island capture, kamikaze attacks, and an improved easy-to-use interface.


  • Combined Real-Time Strategy, Flight, and Naval Action gameplay: Command the air, sea, and sub forces. Launch full-scale attacks and at anytime switch to and take full-control of any plane, ship or sub. You command, fly the attack, fire the battleship’s 15-inch guns, and submerge the mini-sub anyway you choose throughout the battle.

  • Two Massive Campaigns: 28 full-scale battles across two unique campaigns. The historic American campaign begins after Midway and goes to Guadalcanal, Leyte, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and more. The “what if” Japanese campaign begins at Pearl Harbor and goes to the Java Sea, Port Moresby, Midway, and beyond.

  • 100 War Machines: Fighters, bombers, carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, subs, mini subs and more. 17 US planes including the new Corsair fighters and Curtis Helldivers, and 20 Japanese planes including the Mitsubishi J2M Raiden (Thunderbolt), and the night-fighting Nakajima J1N1 Gekko.

  • Innovative Online Multi-player Battles: Huge multi-unit battles for up to eight players (four on each side) on Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live. The largest battle involves over 100 units. And five all-new online gameplay modes: Island capture, Duel, Siege, Escort, and Competitive.

New & Improved Features:

  • New Kamikaze attacks: The deadly attack is now fully integrated. Also features the manned Ohka, rocket powered kamikaze aircraft.

  • New Island Capture: Capture and hold islands. Support the landing forces and take over artillery, radar stations, and airstrips.

  • New Cockpit View: Go inside the WWII cockpits of fighters, dive bombers, torpedo planes and more.

  • New Skirmish mode: Team up with a friend against the AI and expand your single player and multi-player experience.

  • New Level of Realism: Greater detail and depth of field. New plane and ship destruction effects. Bullet tracers. New smoke and fire effects.

  • New Interface: Improved command and control map screen, artillery, and repair controls. New hints and tips feature for new players.

Customer reviews


A really good game

PolarBeast | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all PolarBeast's reviews »

The campaign is really good and the combat is really nice. Multiplayer community is small tho.


while away the hours

Rob_G | July 24, 2013 | See all Rob_G's reviews »

This is an excellent game, its very easy to lose track of time while playing well worth a download, especially for only £4, Bargain!!!


Quite a good game

DanielZo0 | June 12, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

It is a very great game, where you must use tatics, and targeting skills. 1 mistake can prove fatal in this game it is a very fun game, and best online. For me and most people Island Capture is the best game mode. You have choices to tons of units from air to sea, and to land which are only bases and such. I would say this is a very very great game.


This game is great!

SaburoSakai | May 11, 2013 | See all SaburoSakai's reviews »

I don't know why people have negative opinions on this game. Its a great game when playing single player or online due to the variety of options you're able to play with.

The game is great fun it allows you to control naval and airforce in a relatively large battlefield. The last game i appreciated with this level of play was battlefield 1942 but this gives a whole new scale to naval combat as well as air. Of course the rocket planes are a bit unbalanced and still need reworking , the community is small now a days because its a relatively old game now however its quite enjoyable if you can gather just a few friends to play with,.


Despite the downfalls, the game is addictive

chivshiv | March 3, 2013 | See all chivshiv's reviews »

I'll admit I'm one for accuracy. I love realistic games that provide attention to detail. Buying Battlestations pacific (BSP) I expect a multidimensional WWII sim. What you get is a arcade style game that in no way represents reality. However unit weaponry is fairly accurate even though the speed, maneuverability and operation is suspect.

However once you get use to the confusing command scheme, this game is quite addictive. Flying without the option of joystick inputs makes dog fighting near impossible (ie it is easy to turn, but going up or down is damn near impossible with the inputs provided). While the game play is good, there is an imbalance in power between ships and planes. Its easier to sink a battleship with a few destroyers than three or four squadrons of attack planes.

No bug, despite the downfalls, the game is addictive. I bought during a sale and glad I did