Sid Meier’s Civilization® IV: Beyond the Sword (MAC)

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Requires the full version of Civilization IV for Mac OS X to play


Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword focuses on the late-game time periods and delivers 12 challenging and decidedly different scenarios created by the development team at Firaxis Games.

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword includes 10 new civilizations, 16 new leaders, 5 new wonders, and a variety of new units that will offer even more fun and exciting ways for players to expand their civilization’s power as they strive for world domination.

Key Features:

  • More Civ Than Ever – With a massive increase of 10 civilizations, 64 buildings, 11 scenarios, 5 wonders, 6 technologies, corporations, brand new espionage system and expanded trade routes, Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword is a must-have expansion pack to the greatest strategy franchise of all time.

  • Scenarios: Expect the Unexpected – 11 additional scenarios include setting new worlds in Final Frontier, battling zombies in Alterword, conquering medieval Western Europe in Charlemagne, and more.

  • Advanced Starts – For the first-time ever, launch a game in later eras with this new frontier that allows you to purchase units, roles, improvements and technologies to start your game.

  • Unstoppable Corporations – Found your own corporation and spread its influence as another tool to gain control over the world.

Customer reviews


Civilization IV review

adrianching7 | June 21, 2014 | See all adrianching7's reviews »

This expansion for Civilization IV adds many more features to the award winning series Sid Meiers Civilization series. There are many more units, buildings, and scenarios added into the game and will surely increase your experience. The game may be made quite a while ago but the quality far exceeds the strategy games during it's time and in my opinion, not that bad if you compare it with Civilization V. This expansion is a must for those of you that love this game and is definitely worth the money. Believe me I've been playing this game for quite a while now with that expansion and still can't get enough.