Corsairs Gold

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Plunge into a world of adventure and freedom and discover the excitement of sailing, the thirst for gold, thundering cannons and savage pirate attacks.

A fascinating quest will drive you to the four corners of the Earth, and new adventures will await you in each port along your journey. You will accumulate fortune for yourself and for your country, either by force or through your shrewd business dealings.

As an accomplished warrior and a skillful negotiator, only strategy will serve to forge your reputation.

You may even succeed in becoming more admired than the king and more feared than the most barbaric of pirates!

Key features:

  • Accomplish numerous missions during which you can choose from various quests (if you think they are worth the risk…)

  • Experience a true pirate attack simulation for the first time!

  • Command every aspect of your fleet, from your crew's morale to the sale of your cargo

  • Sail authentically reproduced vessels using historically accurate maps

  • Discover desert islands where you will hide your booty and then set off again to search for pirate treasure on other islands

  • Meet famous characters such as Blackbeard, Surcouf and Rackham the Red and take part in major battles based on real events

Customer reviews


Good but not classic

mahon | Feb. 26, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

Corsairs is one of the games which were created in the wake of Sid Meier's Pirates! popularity. Many games tried to stand up to the original's reputation and quality and most of them fell short. It doesn't mean they all were bad games, but somehow they didn't manage to nail what made Sid Meier's game so successful. Still, if you're already bored with the Pirates! and still want more swashbuckling adventures on high seas, Corsairs Gold is a good choice for you. It is different enough to make it feel fresh and not just a direct clone of Pirates! On the other hand it's difficult to name even one thing at which this game really shines. Well, it has everything a pirates game should have, but then it's not outstanding at any of these things. It's a good game, but not one that will become an unforgettable classic.