Disciples II: Gold Edition

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Disciples II Gold is a turn-based fantasy game comprised of the awarding winning Disciples II Dark Prophecy and its critically acclaimed expansions sets. Control over 200 unique characters across 5 massive campaigns. Whether you are a beginner or an expert Disciples II Gold offers hundreds of game play hours for all levels.

Dark Prophecy: A decade has past since the first Great War of the original Disciples game. The final prophecy continues to unfold.

*Gallean's Return: *Combining Servants Of The Dark and Guardians Of The Light. Disciples fans will be able to take part in the developing storylines. Spread Bethrezen's plague across the land and prevent a return of one of the Gods. Watch as the Empire try to regain a vacant throne during a time of Inquisitions. Try and re-unite the Mountain Clans scattered tribes.

Rise of the Elves: Concluding the storyline from Gallean's Return. Now for the first time as a playable race the Elves stake their claim to the realm.


  • Unlimited upgrade possible on all units and leaders.

  • Over 200 individually animated units and over 100 animated spells.

  • Each race has a unique Saga (campaign) that tells the story from its own perspective.

  • Multiplayer supports up to 4 players through hot-seat, LAN or Internet.

  • Campaign editor allows you to make your own custom campaigns.

  • Import/ Export leader function allows you to use developed leaders in multiplayer games or stand-alone quests.

  • Five races to choose from

  • Five campaigns

  • Maps for all levels from beginner to high level

Customer reviews


Better than old HoMM.

bauwan | May 10, 2014 | See all bauwan's reviews »

I've played it a long time as a kid and I'm playing it now. Even if it's old, it's still pretty amazing turn based strategy. If you like Heroes of Might and Magic, especially the old ones, you should definitely get it. Don't worry about graphics or mechanics. The first one it's not that bad and the rest are just pretty great. Personally, I liked it lot more than HoMM. For two bucks, it's must have.


Old, but amazing

untitled36 | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all untitled36's reviews »

This gem has been neglected by far too many people. It's very much like Heroes of Might and Magic, but it's far darker in tone. You take turns, build your citadel, and fight turn-based battles. The actual battle system is more akin to Ogre Battle than HOMM, but I like the change for something different. It's a far better game than Disciples III, so if you are trying to decide which to buy, go with this classic rather than the bland 3rd entry. You have several very distinct factions that change the way you have to play, and you have meaningful choices on leveling up your citadel. Each choice you make closes paths. You can't have everything, and I actually appreciate that design mechanic because it makes your decisions feel more important.


A good game.

Assasino | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all Assasino's reviews »

I really like this game, when I was little I played this game with me uncle and me brother.I always was scared (and I'm still are) of the Red guys , so I was playing the guys that had Titan in it. When I'm really bored (which I'm often are) I love to play this game and it makes me smile again and again. I sometimes even ask my friends to play with me when they're around and they are saying is really funny and such a good game which is good to hear. :) When my uncle comes to England we often play this game.Once when I asked my grandma to play she was all confused but she sadly stopped playing about 15 minutes because she said it's to hard for her and i don't blame her. I got this game for free because it was given out last year I think and I'm glad that I got this game. Anyway if you got trouble about think to buy it or not then buy it because it's worth it. Sometimes the graphics are really funny for example an imp. The game is easy at the start but it gets harder and harder when your going through out the game and thats why I like it because even when you don't know how to play the enemies at the start will be easier. Also it's making you think about the move you will do "What will happen if I'll attack this guy instead of that one..."


Great Turn Based Strategy

noobboy191 | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all noobboy191's reviews »

This game focuses on strategic thinking. Upgrade your castle to allow much more advanced units, these units in turn capture more resources for your kingdom. Soon you will be able to rule the entire map. The atmosphere in the game is great, different fantasy creatures fighting it out for supremacy. The graphics are what you expect from an old game such as this, but if you look past that, you got yourself a nice turn based strategy


One of the best games I have ever played.

Arp1033 | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all Arp1033's reviews »

As a kid I played a lot of Heroes of Might and Magic, so when my friend told me about this game, I decided to try it out. I have never been disappointed. It has amazing graphics, especially for its time, a great story, interwoven campaigns, great scenarios, hot seat, everything you want from a TBS. Pick this up now!