Earth 2150 Trilogy

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Your heroes and your armies will need strong leadership to take them on a spellbinding odyssey that has everything a gamer’s heart could wish for breathtaking worlds in space, battles against cunning enemies and even downright treason from your own government faction - are you up to it?

Accept the challenge…let this gripping EARTH 2150 RTS trilogy thrust you into the far future… and YOU will decide the fate of the universe!

The Trilogy includes EARTH 2150 Escape from the Blue Planet, The Moon Project and Lost Souls!


    The 21st century was supposed to herald the dawn of a new age. The wars, famines and suffering of the last 20 millennia were to become a distant, fading memory, as scientific advances brought global peace and prosperity. Toward the end of the 20th century, a now forgotten US president even went so far as to officially proclaim the arrival of a New World Order, in which right, not might, would govern international relations. This bright future was not to be. First came a meltdown of the international stock and currency exchanges. Then the major international conglomerates were dissolved in a vain attempt to stop the fiscal hemorrhage. By 2012 the world economy had collapsed. Poverty and hunger caused social and political tensions to flare. As the crisis wore on, few were bold or naive enough to predict anything positive for the future. Most realized that the planet was on the verge of global conflict.


    The year 2150 … one of the blackest chapters in the history of mankind. While the Lunar Corporation, Eurasian Dynasty and the United Civilized States are preparing themselves for the last all-encompassing battle, work is being feverishly carried out on a secret project on the Moon. Only the code name of this project is known ………… "SUNLIGHT"


    It is the 7th of December 2150 – in a few hours our beloved planet Earth will no longer exist. Devastating wars between the Eurasian Dynasty and the United Civilized States have wreaked havoc and caused mortal wounds to our planet, but that is not all, a series of nuclear explosions close to the Antarctic had changed the Earth’s orbit around the sun, glaciers melted, the sea rose to a threatening level, and meteorite showers buried whole parts of the world. Famous scientists from the Lunar corporation, a long forgotten colony on the moon first recognized the signs of the imminent catastrophe. According to their calculations the distance between the sun and earth would decrease in the next few years by 17%, which would lead to terrible consequences.

Customer reviews


Wonderful old school game

segrand | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all segrand's reviews »

Earth 2150 is a real time strategy game , where the action happens in the future, after the destruction of Earth. Earth 2150 is composed of three separately published parts: Escape from Blue Planet , The Moon Project and Lost Souls . Earth 2150 talks about what led to the war between the two nations : ED - the Eurasian Dynasty and the UCS - United Civilizated States . Earth has Detonating nuclear charges made ​​that the Earth has lost the stability of the orbit , and this in turn led to a series of disasters. Earth 2150 is focused on the activities of the three nations , the two aforementioned and colonizers Moon LC - Lunar Corporation. The player has to complete various missions , which aim to save people and find a way to survive. Earth 2150 allows you to create databases , develop army , use of technology , creating ships and collecting relevant . It is awfully good production of the old school , which is playable to this day. If anyone is interested in this type of productions , you should start just from the title. Timeless game , definitely !