Earth 2160

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Third party DRM: Steam

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After the destruction of the EARTH in 2150, the leaders of the Eurasian Dynasty escaped on board an evacuation fleet. Now they are fighting for the survival of the human species. Their base is one large building comprising of smaller variable parts. The Lunar Corporation is already on the Red Planet and has to fight to find a new base and home after the destruction of the Earth. LC buildings are built one on top of the other, similar to a skyscraper, but with one big difference - they have the ability to defy all the laws of gravity to move quickly to a new location.

The UCS (United Civilized States) machines evolved from the UCS battle machines. During the long flight to Mars, the computer decided to kill all human survivors and then initiated a plan to conquer the solar system with its own mechanical army. The Aliens - alien renegades were imprisoned a long ago, deep in the unknown history of Mars.

In 2160 the landing of the UCS ships awoke them from their long sleep...

Key Features:

  • 4 playable parties with different basic technologies and abilities

  • Each party consists of more than 13 basic buildings and more than 13 basic units

  • 4 single player campaigns, each with 7 missions

  • Skirmish mode with 10 maps

  • 4 Multiplayer modes with 10 maps

  • Realistic, formable and multi-textured terrain

  • 12 virtual agents with special abilities

  • Multiplayer matches for up to 8 players per match

  • EarthC (programming language) SDK for Mod teams

  • Rich musical score consists of 29 dynamically varyied tracks

  • Includes Superstorm, Platinum and Titanium Map Pack

Customer reviews


Good strategy game

silviapuiu | Jan. 31, 2014 | See all silviapuiu's reviews »

Earth 2160 is a good strategy game with a few elements that make it original and different than other similar games. We have 4 factions (races) that act completely different, in the way they build, fight or if we consider the tools and the skills they have. The game mechanics is quite good and graphics is improved, comparative to Earth 2150. The game is enough challenging and also it offers a multiplayer component, important for players loving competition. Textures are realistic, the background sound is dynamic, in accordance with the action taking place at the moment. It is not the best strategy game, but it is a good one.