Europa Universalis III: Absolutism

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Customer notes

Requires Europa Universalis II Complete (base game) to use this DLC


The Absolutism Unit Pack contains sixteen models with all new animations. All units have been modeled for historically accuracy in the Age of Absolutism. Enhance your game’s atmosphere with these pistol, sabre, ammunition belt, and hat equipped units. The common Western units have also been embellished for this period.

Includes Units For:

  • Brandenburg

  • Prussia

  • Great Britain

  • Scandinavia

  • Denmark

  • Scotland

  • Netherland

  • Spain

  • England

  • Sweden

  • Austria

  • Venice

  • Portugal

  • Common Western Units

Customer reviews


Facelift for units

michalmichal | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

There are two types of DLCs for Europa Universalis: the big ones that add to gameplay and the small ones that don't change the game as such, but only modify its visual side. The Europa Universalis III: Absolutism pack is an example of the second kind - a minor DLC, which is properly reflected by its price. The expansion adds historically correct models for units of the absolutism age from Brandenburg, Prussia, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Denmark, Scotland, Netherland, Spain, England, Sweden, Austria, Venice, Portugal and additionally some other generic common western units. So if you would like to give your game a facelift and want to look at pretty and varied units during your games, this is well worth the price.