Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes Loot Pack DLC

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Customer notes

Requires Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes (base game) to use this DLC.


New treasure is available to be found in this third DLC for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. Explore abandoned graveyards and you may find a Cursed Bell which can be rung at desperate moments in battle. Treasure chests may contain a Staff of the Serpent or a piece of Blood God armor. Design your custom sovereign with a Revenging Ring, Bunny Slippers and other new items.

The Loot Pack adds all the following items to Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes:


  • Skath Longbow:

    Enchanted with the power of a Skath, it enables the Deadly Bite ability.

  • Stag Longbow:

    Enchanted with the speed of the stag, allowing the wielder to fire early and often.

  • Gold Shortbow:

    A nobleman’s bow which grants additional experience to its wielder.

  • Harridan Shortbow:

    This shortbow webs victims that are shot by it.

  • Staff of the Serpent:

    This petrified form of a serpent shoots poison and can summon a Naja in battle.

  • Staff of the Stag:

    A blessed staff with low attack but it can heal surrounding allies.

  • Shadowbolt Staff:

    Magical staff that fires shadowbolts that damage and reduce the spell resistance of the target.

  • Giant Lollipop:

    A massive lollipop with the Bash and Sugar Rush special abilities.

  • Vorpal Blade:

    A longsword that crits with every attack.

  • Possessed Axe:

    Cursed axe that strikes a random ally or enemy in range.

  • Breathstealer:

    Dagger that silences anyone who is hit for 3 actions.

Armor and Rings:

  • Bunny Slippers:

    Though they don’t provide any defense, but they do grant +10 Dodge and +20 Dodge when defending. Plus they are really comfy.

  • Silver Helm:

    This plate helm makes the wearer Immune to Swarm.

  • Lucky Dice:

    Accessory that grants +5 accuracy, dodge and spell resistance.

  • Lady Umber's Boots:

    Armored boot that grants +25 Defense when defending.

  • Lady Umber's Cuirass:

    Plate cuirass that makes the wearer 30% immune to physical damage.

  • Lady Umber's Greaves:

    Armored greaves that make the wearer 20% immune to physical damage.

  • Lady Umber's Vambraces:

    Bladed gauntlets that double the damage done with critical hits.

  • Blood God Helmet:

    Negates all damage to the wearer from Blood God armor.

  • Blood God Cuirass:

    Cursed breastplate that enables the Anguish ability that does 8 damage to all surrounding units (allies and enemies) and half that to the wearer.

  • Blood God Greaves:

    Cursed greaves that do 2 damage to anyone striking the wearer and 1 damage to the wearer.

  • Blood God Vambraces:

    Cursed vambraces that do 2 damage each time the wearer strikes an enemy and 1 damage to the wearer.

  • Blood God Boots:

    Cursed boots that double all damage (to the wearer and enemies) done by Blood God armor.

  • Revenging Ring:

    Each time the wearer is struck the ring gains a charge. Release those charges to damage an opponent equal to the amount of stored charges.

  • Bishop’s Ring:

    Each time the wearer is struck the ring gets a charge. Release those charges to heal the user equal to the amount of stored charges.


  • Dragon Teeth:

    Throw these teeth onto the ground to summon 3 skeletons in battle.

  • Cursed Bell:

    When rung all units (allies and enemies) must resist or lose their next action.

  • Scroll of Battle Cry:

    Using the scroll allows all of your allies to take an additional action in battle.

  • Quicksilver Potion:

    Potion that gives the imbiber 3 actions.

  • Bottled Wind:

    Uncorking this potion knocks the wielder and all adjacent units prone.

  • Scroll of Imprison:

    Use the scroll to trap a unit in battle for 5 actions, and they take damage on each action.

  • Scroll of Silence:

    Use the scroll to keep a unit from being able to cast for 3 turns.

Customer reviews


Total diversity of items

saojoao | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all saojoao's reviews »

Fallen Enchantress was a good game, which was improved even more by the next version - Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. Any further improvements and additions are introduced in form of DLC packs, and the Loot Pack is the third of them. It adds many new items, which can be found and assigned to your characters in this game. The items added are really many and very different. There are weapons, rings, armor, and consumables which disappear after they're used up. And I must say the variety of new items is really impressed. For example there is a staff which can summon a naja to battle, a bow which entangles its target in a web, a sword which always causes critical hits, dragon teeth for summonning skeletons, or armor which can even nullify all damage received by the wearer. To make it a bit spicier, there are also some really funny items like bunny slippers or a giant lollipop. That's some diversity, isn't it?