Gemini Wars

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Third party DRM: Other

Playfire Client required to download and play.


Decades have passed since war erupted between the United Space Federation and the alliance of Free Worlds. A bloody conflict that seemed to have reached a stalemate is now about to change, when a third faction suddenly appears.

Take control of a fleet commander returned from exile, rise through the ranks of the United Space Federation forces and join an epic war across the stars. Start with a small group of frigates, and climb your way to controlling battleships, carriers and planetary bases, in huge space battles and boarding actions.

Build space stations and orbital facilities to fortify your position, build your fleet, extract minerals and research upgrades. Execute boarding actions using marine special forces, and bombard your enemies with orbital long range cannons.

###Key Features

  • 3 unique factions, with different units and strategies.
  • Epic mission-based single player campaign.
  • Ability to control fleets of starships, space stations and planets.
  • Cinematic battle camera.
  • Research tree leading to powerful units and upgrades.
  • Unique gameplay providing a refreshing twist to the RTS genre.

Customer reviews


It's alright.

aqnickdan3 | June 27, 2012 | See all aqnickdan3's reviews »

This game is OK, it's going to keep you entertained for a little bit with the fancy graphics, but it gets boring after a while. The game has many, many bugs. I encountered them while casually playing, not even looking for the bugs. I personally don't like the UI, as it quite annoying, but it's not that bad to deal with. If you are into real-time strategies, I suggest this game, but not too much.