The Kings Crusade: Teutonic Knights

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Requires The Kings Crusade (base game) to use this DLC


Welcome to the Order of the Teutonic Knights, the elite military order of the Crusader army. Bring these elite warriors to battle for the Holy Land, recruit new allies, and follow the Grand Master into the labyrinth of intrigue and power. Face ghosts from the past, witness the might of holy miracles, and use Christian relics of great power to protect the war-torn Kingdom of Jerusalem!

Key Features:

  • New heroes and new units:

    Heinrich von Bassenheim: The Teutonic order may be small, but they recruit extremely skilled warriors. The leader of the Teutonic Knights in the Holy Land is known as the Grand Master. He is a veteran of many battles, both on the field and in political skirmishes as well.

  • Otokar von Marland:

    He is the Master of Arcane, a knight who possesses great knowledge in the mysterious arts that the commoners call magic. Otokar has lived a secluded life, and over his many years in the Holy Land he has hunted down rare arcane tomes, and visited many sages and wise men. Now, it is finally time for him to use this knowledge to protect his brothers in arms.

  • Brothers of the Sword:

    These sacred warriors of the Order serve as bodyguards and elite warriors, having travelled to the Holy Land under the orders of the Grand Master. They receive unique training and are provided with the finest equipment.

  • Teutonic Archers:

    Although these vassals will never enter the higher ranks of the Order, they nevertheless fight for their brethren with great spirit and dedication.

  • Teutonic Infantry:

    These crusaders are the volunteer forces of the Teutonic Knights. They are neither vassals nor sworn knights. They may have lacked proper training when they joined the Order, but constant skirmishes on the Holy Lands quickly turn any soldier into an efficient warrior.

  • Teutonic Lay Knights:

    These nobles hold land granted to them by the Order. Most of them hold lands in the Holy Roman Empire, which engenders in them a sense of brotherhood, borne out on the battlefield.

  • Teutonic Mercenaries:

    The Order welcomes with open arms any mercenaries who enter the Holy Land and strengthen their forces. True, these mercenaries do not belong to the inner ranks of the Order, but they are provided with the finest equipment.

  • The Brethren:

    They swore to protect the pilgrims of the Holy Land, and have founded hospitals for the sick. By their actions, they have made the Order of Teutonic Knights a respected presence in the Holy Land. Originally they only defended the ports of Acre, but as the conflict escalated, they have found themselves engaged in the larger conflict.

  • Numerous new abilities, spells, artifacts:

    Presence of the Grand Master, Holy Protection, Incineration, Inspire Zeal, Incantations of St. Alberic, Rosary of St. Gregorius, Sacred Goblet of St. Anthony, Shroud of St. Afan

  • Four unique events of the Crusader Campaign add to the gameplay on Holy Land.

Customer reviews


Great Addition!

Plasros | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

Buying DLCs for a game always seems negative. But in this case, the content is worth it. New world events, units and heroes. Everything well-done, completely balanced and enjoyable. Add an unexpected hero to your stable of noble men with the worthy additions of Lancelot, Joan d’ Arc or Arthur of Brittany. Explore their special strengths and skills to defeat your arch nemesis. Utilize the Ayyubid Bowmen for their infamous speed or the Gascon Knights for the might of their swords. Whether playing as Saracen or Lionheart, you will discover the right combination of allies to find victory in your battle.