Making History II

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Making History II lets grand strategy players experience the role of a WWII era national leader embroiled in the toxic mix of waning empires, economic crisis, and ethnic "fault lines" that famously resulted in a global war that transformed the world. Now armchair generals and grand strategy masters can attempt to write their own history, and choose to either defend the world from tyranny or embark on a quest for global conquest.

Challenging decisions and interesting choices are the heart of any good strategy game, and MHII delivers by putting the ultimate control in the hands of each player. There are diplomatic decisions about everything from alliances to colonization, such as whether you grant full independence or create a puppet state. Cities are customizable via a series of constructible add-on buildings, allowing you to build a giant shipyard in New York or a munitions factory in Stuttgart.

Military forces can be upgraded, repaired and reinforced and veteran units develop experience over time. Every nation in the world is playable, but the choices and strategy can be vastly different. The choice is up to each player to determine how they wish to develop their nation, thereby creating their own winning strategy.

Customer reviews


Must-have for Axis & Allies fans!

darthxilef | Nov. 20, 2012 | See all darthxilef's reviews »

This is a great turn-based grand strategy game. You can play any country and re-write history. The game launched with some problems, but the dev team has kept at it and the game is very, very good now. I was a huge fan of Axis & Allies growing up and this game reminds of A&A on steroids. If you enjoy leading your troops to battle as well managing the finances and infrastructure of your country in a turn-based platform, this is a great title to have. Diplomacy feels a little empty if there's something I'm not quite happy about with the game. Give it a try, I consider it a hidden gem.


Not good

jeyko | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

Making History 2: The War of the World is bad. It tries to be a detailed strategy games with geopolitical elements, but is held back by horrible combat, crashes and bugs. One cool thing is that you can play any country in the world (yes, any), but the game is broken, and just plays bad. I do not recommend Making History II.