Mount and Blade Collection

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Massive medieval battles, open sandbox worlds, three expansive campaigns.

### What story will you tell?


Mount & Blade: Calradia is soaked with the blood of sellswords. Survive, and turn a profit!

Mount & Blade: Warband: Command your own faction and engage in 64 player multiplayer!

Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword: Firearms have come to Europe! Learn to tame their unholy roar.

### Features:

Free-form sandbox gameplay.

Be a merchant, a mercenary, a knight or a lord of the land.

Go anywhere, do anything in a world thriving with hundreds of locations.

Use one of the most intuitive medieval fighting systems ever devised.

Multiplayer battles with up to 64 players.

Multiplayer modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquest, Battle and Siege.

New Multiplayer mode: Captain. Up to 16 players can each command a squad of soldiers.

Enhanced siege mechanics: storm the castle, blow up the wall, bribe an officer or poison the well/food to get past the defenses!

Customer reviews


A great collection of games, simple but great.

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews »

Mount & Blade is a corker of a game, despite it's iffy looking UI, basic sounds and graphics, the gameplay more than makes up for it. You control a character, starting at the bottom, wandering about the map, able to do whatever you wish, build an army, become a knight, marry a Royal Lady perhaps? The two game modes are the one mentioned about, where you control your group on a map, able to see towns, other groups and the landscape, when you come into contact with another group, if they're hostile (which they often are) then you'll be taken to the 2nd mode, which is a 3D battle view. You control your character as you hack, slash or shoot your way through the enemy. It has a simple yet complex enough to make challenging and fun combat system, slightly customisable to allow angled strokes and blocks. With a wide variety of weapons, armour and other items allowing you to tackle combat multiple different ways., whether it be a mounted archer, a sword and shield bearing footman or even a lancer! The collection includes both expansions/sequels which add more items, more quests, more everything really whilst still keeping the core of the game the same. Fire and Sword adds in firearms which change the gameplay somewhat, and personally is my least favourite of the 3. It's also very moddable, with hundreds if not thousands of mods available doing all sorts of things, whether it be just changing the map, or a complete overhaul with custom units, quests, items, the whole lot!


In the name of myself!

Stoltverd | Jan. 18, 2014 | See all Stoltverd's reviews »

Ever wanted to be a king? But not the kind of king that sits on his thore and fattens up? Do you want to be a warrior king? How about a mercenary? Or a thief in medieval society? Or a peasant that becomes king? Or play as a lesser noble that is so neglected by his king that decides to start a rebellion? Or help a claimant to usurp the throne? Marry into a noble house? Participate in a tournament?

You can do this and a lot more in any of the mount and blade games! And even more if you install mods! (My personal favorites being Brytenwalda, A clash of Kings and Freelancer) This is a medieval battle simulation, you control your character, a custom made one, you personalize his/her face, its story etc. You can do almost whatever you want to do, you can recruit peasants and train them into killing machines. You could be a bandit hunted by everyone, you can be a warlord with land but no right to rule (in the eyes of those weak kings). Charge into battle on your horse or by foot, maybe your horse was killed but do not despair, kill a raider and hop on his horse. He is dead anyway!

Fight for a princes, learn poems to gain her heart. Ask her hand to his father and marry her.

This is YOUR tale.



Axe to the head

Mscigniew | Jan. 12, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Now were talking,Mount & Blade came as a surprise when it first came out,(Im not sure but I think it was one of the first games that started this whole Indie boom)graphics are poor,theres no real goal,no big personalities...and yet it worked.The game is a one big medieval sandbox,without a specific goal,your just thrown on the map,there are some wars going on,bands of bandits hunt you,there are some kings and nobles wanting something from you...There you are,you,your men and your axe(thats what i Choose).Boy this game is fun,battles are pretty epic,especially later in game,not only you lvl up but your men as well,it forces you to be a lil of a tactician,cause losing men hurts. Awesome game,instant classic buy it if you havent yet.


What do you mean you want more than war?

Argentum | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all Argentum's reviews »

Rhyming is fun.

But the statement above is also a very neat way of summing up this game. I started playing it one night and before I knew it 4 hours had rolled by and in terms of quests I had done 2, the starting ones. I later found out there are in fact 4 starting ones and that technically I was still doing the "tutorial" but I didn't notice that, what I did notice was the heaps of fun I was having in the countless arena fights and wars with lords. Essentially you are a person who goes around the world hiring folk to fight for you, and thats pretty much it, I'm told if you do enough for fellow lords you get land and eventually you can even run a kingdom (but to be perfectly honest I have yet to get that far), I however am just content to see if I can get enough me to storm that castle for the sole reason that I lost the tournement by one f'ing round.

In terms of game play, its solid but not special the menus are all very obvious which is good but finding out where the obnoxiously named towns are is a faff, the combat is spot on between simple and varied. There 6(?) styles of combat but with various weapons in each style and it doesn't seem to get old. The best part is that its easy to pick up and despite losing a few of my first fights I never felt too overwhelmed (apart from that time I said "Yeah I can take on 13 men by myself").

The graphics are weak, and thats the nicest thing I can say about them, the game feels dated despite only being out for around a year (the collection at least the individuals are a little older than that) but I'm aware of mods out there that improve it. Overall I think the game needs a texture overhaul and maybe a little more direction but apart from that its one hell of a timehole.


One of the BEST Games out there by FAR....

Riddix123 | Nov. 28, 2013 | See all Riddix123's reviews »

The Mount and Blade series has been one of the favorites for a long long time. I remember playing the first one about 7-8 years ago and I was hooked. The idea of a First Person Hank n' Slash was just heaven for me.

Mount and Blade doesn't really need to exist as Warband expands on everything. More factions, more weapons and much more variety in the game world.

With Fire and Sword adds guns into the mixture, I for one find the guns way to overpowering and I usually find one lucky shot by the enemy takes me out in one and that really annoys me. But one features that I love is the multiple endings in the game. You can take on "Special Missions" from faction leaders and find yourself deceiving there enemies . It is so immersive.

I have clocked a total of 96 Hours in both Warband and With Fire and Sword. I haven't had much experience with he online Multiplayer but from what I have played the swordplay and gun play machines are still pretty solid and the teams are evenly matched the majority of the time.

Overall this is a Must Buy. Even if you just by one on its own just to see if you like it. Its still worth it.

Also Taleworlds are Working on Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. I cannot freaking wait.