Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

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Customer notes

This game requires Steam(TM) in order to install and run and so cannot be traded or refunded.


Post Apocalyptic Mayhem lets you race and battle heavily-modified vehicles through numerous breathtaking tracks and lay waste to other racers in over-the-top vehicular mayhem. You can use special vehicle abilities to cause spectacular destruction to enemy cars as you fight and speed to victory. You’ll experience remarkable speeds, hilarious and violent weapons, reinforced vehicles and various exhilarating tracks.

The game offers various intense race modes to allow you to showcase both your driving and battling skills. PAM features an accessible physics-based driving model that allows you to sense the immense speed of all the post apocalyptic vehicles as well as feel every bone-jarring impact from both weapons and the tracks. Play single-player or battle up to five friends in online multiplayer mode.

Key Features:

Vehicles – PAM offers numerous post apocalyptic vehicles. All the Vehicles are heavily-modified and extremely menacing. All Vehicles are heavy-duty, reinforced and are able to take and give a lot abuse. The vehicles all look like they can quickly and easily travel over the newly scorched wasteland while effortlessly smashing other vehicle along the way.

Online Leader Boards – Every kill, every race and every result will be recorded and uploaded to online leader boards for bragging rights and fuelled competition.

Weapons – All of the vehicles have three unique and powerful abilities that they can use to severely damage opposition vehicles: one front attack, a side attack and a rear attack. A Player can receive these special abilities by picking up Special Ability Barrels that are placed throughout all of the tracks. When a vehicle runs over a Special Ability Barrel, the vehicle will gain that specific ability and the Player will be able to use it whenever they prefer.

Multiplayer – Intense Online Multiplayer racing for up to 6 players.

Environments – The PAM tracks will be able to give players numerous options while racing as well as create intense areas for the all important collisions. All Tracks will contain:

  • Awe-inspiring apocalyptic environments.

  • Various paths around certain areas of the tracks.

  • Funnel areas were players are forced to drive in close quarters with other vehicles.

  • Huge Jumps.

  • Numerous compelling and completely unique tracks.

  • Achievements – 35+ achievements to be earned and displayed proudly.

Customer reviews


Pretty fun

Jokin93 | March 30, 2014 | See all Jokin93's reviews »

As far as racing games go this is a pretty basic game… That being said, it is surprisingly fun to play! The vehicle choices are all well planned out, each having its own stats and weapon variety, so the diversity in the vehicles is there… The tracks are where things fall a little flat, because I think there is around 4 tracks and 1 festive track which is simply a re-textured version of one of the other tracks, so I feel there could have been more content in this regard. The handling of the cars does vary between the vehicles and at times it can feel quite flighty, believe me you will have a favorite car.

Overall it’s a fun game if you’re looking for a simple kart-esque racing experience! Unfortunately, the multiplayer does seem to be dead most of the time, so that is worth keeping in mind!


A lot more fun than you'd think!

AkiMatti | March 21, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

This game might not look like much from the screens but the gameplay is actually pretty fun! It is like Mario Kart but in a Fallout setting! Totally overthetop mayhem with easy controls.

There are 3 ways to attack with each vehicle, and each vehicle is different. You win by fragging other cars, not by finishing first. Powerups are gained often so there is constantly explosions going on.

Really entertaining for short periods of mayhem when you need it.


Fun multiplayer if you have people to play with

bibora | March 20, 2014 | See all bibora's reviews »

That's the major flaw with this game. There's nothing much to do besides playing it multiplayer. Single player is basically playing vs AI in a number of different tracks to get the best score. There's no career mode, nothing much to unlock, it's just for a quick spins and blasting away opponents. In multiplayer, however, this game can be a blast. Grabbing the same premise as single player game, you are thrown in with other players and it's time to go wreck others as much as possible. It delivers quite a lot more fun this way. However the game lacks players. Due to the lacking different things to do, the game just became a bit repetitive and I guess people eventually stop playing it. Could have been a great racing game...


Frag and drop

Albys66 | Feb. 22, 2014 | See all Albys66's reviews »

A fast-paced racing game set in a futuristic world looking decadent. Despite being an indie -game, the graphics has a very respectable and a good optimization. It 's very pleasant to travel on tracks formed between the devastated city, desert areas and airports, where the jumps and explosions are always around the corner. The competitions are based more on the armed clash between the competitors. We are therefore not dealing with a game like the old Pod, where the final result was given by the performance. Here what matters are the frag, obtained with three types of weapon (front, side and back) for each different vehicle and really good for originality and effect. The many achievements to earn and provide fun right degree of challenge from the beginning, thanks to the three levels of difficulty present. Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks: one of these is the limited number of tracks. Even the repetition of everything you may bored after a few hours of play. Finally there are some bugs that often lead to sudden crashes with the game back to the desktop. But if you love the spectacular games, PAM will be able to strike at the heart and keep you company for a few nights.


Just another mayhem racing game...

ColdFire1511 | Feb. 17, 2014 | See all ColdFire1511's reviews »

You may love this game, or you may not. Its core is a combination between racing and destruction which means that the speed alone won't let you win the race, which is not really a new concept they're plenty of racing game with these ideas already, I can say that it's like an old book with new cover.

There're many vehicles that you can choose whatever that you see fit, each one has their own abilities, advantages, and backdrops. Now about the tracks, I have to say that they're well designed. When you try another path of the same track, you'll find something new that you might not imagine before. I found maybe 2 backdrops of this game. First, some abilities of some certain cars are too overpower, it gives the other players almost no chance to win. Second, I feel that the number of tracks are too small. It's really fun in the first few hours, but after that it's get boring.

So overall, to put it simply, if you're not get too serious with it, It's a good racing game to kill some time.