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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"RUSE takes a while to warm up, but once it does, it's cracking stuff, as the game's unfailingly proper British generals would no doubt put it." - IGN.com

"R.U.S.E. might be the best RTS released this year, and it is certainly the most original." - GameShark.com

R.U.S.E™ is a one-of-a-kind real-time strategy game that allows players to bluff their enemies to lead their nation to victory, controlling the action using views that range seamlessly from the heart of the battlefield to the full theatre of war. Players will be plunged into the action thanks to the exclusive IRISZOOM® engine which offers an intuitive interface that allows for smooth, rapid transitions from a birds-eye view of the entire conflict, down into the heat of the battle and vice versa.

In R.U.S.E, your brain is your ultimate weapon as you fight a war of perception, where your ability to deceive and mislead your enemy determines success. A first in a strategy game, R.U.S.E reinvigorates the genre by using deception to give new-found depth to the gameplay.

Customer reviews


It's a bit of a ruse itself.

mw3321 | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all mw3321's reviews »

This review focuses on the single player campaign. RUSE is a fairly straightforward RTS. There's base building, resource gathering, and unit upgrading. What's supposed to make the game stand out are the various ruses you can employ. However, they simply boil down to special abilities that you can activate during a battle. Examples include speeding up units, revealing enemy units, deployment of decoy units or buildings, and so on. They succeed in making the game more varied but ultimately feel a bit forced and not relevant enough to actually name the game after them. In fact, most of the campaign missions can be completed without ever using any of the ruses. This also illustrates how dreadfully simple and easy the missions are. Only at about 3/4 in, the game starts to pick up and present some challenges. This is when RUSE actually shows its potential. The decent counter system ensures all units are useful, the resource system forces map control and punishes turtling, and quick adaption and tactics become more important. The mission design is fairly varied, but really nothing beyond your typical RTS stereotypes. Nobody cares about the story in RTS, so I'm not even going into that. Not that there'd be anything to write about. Considering there aren't many new RTS games coming out anymore, RUSE is a very decent deal. Just play it on hard to spice things up a bit.


Averenge at best

Demilisz | June 7, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

I was having my worries about R.U.S.E. from the very beginning when comes out it is made mostly for consoles. And I was right. Combat mechanic is pretty much rock-paper-scissor. A mechanic that doesn't suit World War 2 or modern combat. Yes - it is necessary at some degree to determine who wins a skirmish, but in R.U.S.E. it is exactly that: rock-paper-scissor. With tanks.

Solo campaign just is. It has a plot, but not so interesting (it is possible to guess who is the spy around half of the game). Mission are based on historical operations (like Monte Casino or D-Day) but we are more like support from the line than main player. And so on D-Day we will be fighting on Utah Beach, while during Market Garden we must ensure a save passage for tanks. It was actually one of the few good ideas in this game, with potential. Too bad mostly wasted.

And so famous ruses, that should be a jewel in this game and it's original mechanic. They aren't - while they look innovative on paper, in practice they are just like powers from Battle for Middle Earth or doctrine skills from Company of Heroes. The name differs, but the rest is the same.

Multiplayer is better, not much, but still. Yet it is practically dead now.

At the end, if you are looking for good modern combat RTS: play Wargame: EE, it is everything R.U.S.E. should be.


A good rts

Neapolis47 | March 12, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

A breath of fresh air in the RTS genre, the gameplay of RUSE is structured so as to reward the cunning of the player and his ability to organize attacks or purely strategic defense plans, and the ability to exercise full control over the vast area of ​​the game. The action is reduced to a minimum, as well as the micromanagement of individual troops in the field, great importance is given to the nature of the soil and the influence this has on the choice of the positioning of military forces and planning ambushes. To promote a more strategic approach to the game, the developers have seen fit to give the possibility to their units to inflict more damage when they make a surprise attack on the enemy. Recommended to all fans of the genre, especially those looking for a high degree of challenge.


Starring Average Joe

Guardian412 | Jan. 31, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

R.U.S.E. is an in original and fun approach in the RTS genre, which is ruined by the very shallow solo campaign which is rather a very-very long tutorial, has a below average storyline and presentation, but foremost annoying characters, such as the main character, Joe Sheridan, who is rather acting like an Average Joe from the local pub than a Colonel or a General. However the gameplay itself is fun and you have to plan ahead if you want to achieve victory (But this is rather applies for the multi game instead of the single campaign, which is pretty straight forward.), The battles have a great scale, the maps are very large, the R.U.S.E. cards, a.k.a. diversion tricks, you may use against your enemies to trick them is an interesting and definitely unique option to play with. One of the strongest point of R.U.S.E. is the different factions as you can feel the difference in their gameplay. You may play with few sides in multiplayer mode; U.S.A., U.K., German, Russian, French, Italian and if you get the Rising Sun DLC, the Japanese. The units are acting as they should and finally this is an RTS game where the guns on a B17 Flying Fortress and other bombers are not just for decoration, but they're being used against the enemy fighters. The graphics is also more than enough for an RTS game like this, especially as you'll watch the battlefield from a great distance under most of your gameplay. If you like real time strategies, R.U.S.E. is the game you shouldn't miss, but only if you plan to play in multiplayer.mode the most as the solo campaign, so as I mentioned in the beginning, is mostly a long tutorial with an shallow storyline and boring characters, starring Average Joe.


One of my favorite RTS.

zhack075 | Sept. 16, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

Why is it one of my favorite RTS ?

Because I've played many strategy game and most of the time, the bigger army wins. In Ruse, you can elaborate tactics using "ruse cards". You can hide troops, deceive the enemy with decoy... There are many ways to take advantage on your enemy. The score is based on points you earn by destroying enemy units. In fact, you can win by using cheaper units than other players.

The graphics are awesome. You can have a general view of the battlefield as if you were in a command room or zoom in and get close to the action.

It's trully a great FPS and a must have to my mind !