Sanctum 2: Ruins of Brightholme DLC

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Requires Santcum 2 (base game) to use this DLC


Explore the dark depths of the Slums of Brightholme! This expansion adds four new maps that will once again brutally challenge your maze building abilities! Play with the new unlockable towers such as the crazy random Makeshift tower, or saw your foes up into pieces with the very first melee weapon in Sanctum 2 – the Circle Saw! Of course you’ll see new enemies as well, such as the Infected Explorer, a hybrid between a human and a Walker. And finally, there will be seven new unlockable perks, including the Thor Module, which causes towers to emit shockwaves whenever they kill an enemy.

Key Features:


  • 4 New Unique Maps - Explore the dark side of Elysion!

  • 2 New Weapons - Nailgun and CIRCLE SAW!

  • 2 New Towers

  • 2 New Enemies

  • 7 Additional Perks ( incl THOR MODULE )

  • Note: Ruins of Brightholme is included in the Sanctum 2 Season Pass and is part 2/4 in a series of DLC for Sanctum 2

Customer reviews


Sanctum 2 getting nastier

tzarinakatarina | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all tzarinakatarina's reviews »

In Ruins Of Brightholme the world of Sanctum 2 is not so clean and bright anymore. The four new maps, which are the core of this expansion, are much darker and sinister. The Ruins of Brightholme pack also adds two new defense towers (Makeshift Cannon and Rupture Mine Tower), new enemies (Infected Explorer and Jumper), and new weapons (Circle Saw and Nailgun). There's also some other new stuff in the pack, like seven new perks (including the powerful Thor Module), and level cap lifted by five. I wonder if you are going to enjoy this new face of the Sanctum 2 world, because I did. I think the game is still one of the most interesting variations of the tower defense genre.