Sid Meier's Civilization® IV Complete

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"While the game hasn't lost any depth or detail, every aspect of the design has been streamlined to make it easier for new players to jump in and less monotonous for veterans. Die-hard fans will definitely find that the game offers up so much more variety this time around." -

"Fundamentally, this is a much-improved version of the same Civ games we've all been playing and desperately trying to put down for years. And that's far from a bad thing. In fact, it's an awesome thing." -

Sid Meier's Civilization IV is the ultimate strategy game, offering players the chance to lead their chosen nation from the dawn of man through the space age and become the greatest ruler the world has ever known. Civilization IV: The Complete Edition includes the original strategy classic, plus all two expansion packs and the standalone game Colonization in one box, for an incredible value.


  • Play at your own pace:

    Turn-based gameplay means you can take your time and think about your next strategic move.

  • Original music compositions, plus narration by Leonard Nimoy.

Key Features:

Sid Meier's Civilization IV

  • The Strategy Classic:

    Includes the multiple game of the year award winner that started the series. Rule throughout time and create your legacy in this landmark game.

  • 3D Living World:

    Detailed environments where animals roam and smoke billows from small huts, set in a vibrant and colorful world.

  • Innovative Features:

    Great People, Holy Cities, missionaries, variable game scales, new land, sea and air units, and loads of new civics.

Warlords Expansion Pack

  • New Leaders & Civilizations:

    More of history's greatest military leaders including Shaka, Wang Kon and Augustus Caesar, plus six all-new civilizations.

  • Warlord Unit:

    Great new person unit - the Warlord! Change the course of history through military might

  • New Scenarios:

    Eight new scenarios including Alexander's Conquests, the Rise of Rome, Genghis Khan and more!

Beyond The Sword Expansion Pack

  • The Biggest Civ Expansion Ever:

    A massive increase of 10 civilizations, 64 buildings, 11 scenarios, 5 wonders, 6 technologies, corporations, brand new espionage system and expanded trade routes.

  • Scenarios: Expect The Unexpected:

    11 additional scenarios include settling new worlds in Final Frontier, battling zombies in Afterworld, conquering medieval Western Europe in Charlemagne and more.

  • Unstoppable Corporations:

    Found your own corporation and spreads its influence as another tool to gain control over the world.

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization

  • Classic Game Design:

    The strategy classic Colonization is rebuilt with beautifully improved visuals, while retaining the famous addictive gameplay and endless fun that are synonymous with Sid Meier games.

  • Establish A New Nation:

    Play as the English, Spanish, French or Dutch and journey to a brave new world in search of freedom from your oppressive homeland.

  • Multiplayer Offers Tons Of Replay:

    Compete with friends from all over the world via the Internet and Play by Email modes or compete locally via the Hotseat and LAN modes, offering endless ways to conquer the New World.

Customer reviews


Grow that empire!

adrianching7 | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all adrianching7's reviews »

Have you heard of all the fuss that people make about Civilization 4 but have no idea what it is or not sure how it's different from other "Build your empire" games? Well look no further cause Sid Meier's Civilization 4 brings an in depth realistic experience to players that will make you understand the meaning of what a real Civilization is! Civilization 4 is so realistic in both the mechanics of the game and graphics that it will seem like you're actually living in it. But that's only what the base game provides! The complete pack includes 3 DLC's to enhance the gaming experience to anyone who just wants "One-more-turn" in this game. Love the franchise and wish to show your support? Choose Civilization 4 complete and feel the difference!


What is Civ 4?

adrianching7 | June 12, 2014 | See all adrianching7's reviews »

Civilization IV is part of the Sid Mier's Civilization series and was created in 2005 and was a big hit during its days. This pack includes all of the DLC's that you can possibly get and if you compare this to Civilization V, I would say that the gameplay isn't that big of a difference when you look towards how engrossed you can get into the game. Even though there are slight differences in Civ 4, There is a mystical power behind the game that makes you want to continue playing without knowing whats attracting you.


Possibly the best Civilization to date

AkiMatti | May 23, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

While Civ V has received lots of adoration after its launch and subsequent dlc's, Civ IV has standed the test of time well. There are lots of mods available that alter the game experience to anyone's taste, and the dlc that comes with this package will give hundreds of hours of gameplay already!

And everything well polished! The ultimate strategy game for those who want to conquer the world!


A great montage of Historic Turn-Based Strategy

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Story: Build your civilization, progress through time, rise to power.

Graphics: Same old Civ IV art style, never gets old.

Audio: Not the most important part of the game but sounds fine.

Missions: One. Build your civilization as years go by.

Controls: Easy access UI, Can play most of game with just mouse

Features: So many ranging from cultures aspects to military units. Very Deep.

A.I.: Can out whit you very easily if you let your guard down.

Loading Times: Only one per scenario. Quick, painless.

Multiplayer: Almost the same as playing A.I. unless with a friend then it can get much more interesting.

Requirements: Low, Friaxis did a good job of making sure most Civ fans could run the game.

Weapons: You can be peaceful and avoid war....or build your army and destroy other civilizations. The Good: The best Turn-Based Strategy game out.

The Bad: Non-Civ Fans can be turned off by the deep gameplay...their loss. The Ugly: Ghengis Kahn up close and personal :D Replay Ability: Very High

The Bottom Line: Just for Civilization fans or those who have missed out on the great game that is Civ 4, shouldn't pass up.


CIV 4 is where it all started

Freako | Jan. 5, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

This complete pack is the best experience of turned based strategy game.

Civilization 4 is the actual start of the whole Civilization series. Majority of the features that were loved in the current Civilization games are brought to you by Civilization 4. This complete pack is the complete experience of how Civilization 4 came to be and what the DLC had to offer. The DLC is great with every single add-on in this pack. I would recommend people to buy this complete pack ASAP when there is a sale. Unlike Civilization 5 which has lots of dlc packs around. Civilization 4 with this complete pack. Gameplay will feel so much more different and multiplayer is almost the same as any other Civilization game out there.