Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - Stellar Phenomena

Third party DRM: Steam

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Customer notes

Requires Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (base game) to use this DLC


The ever-expanding conflicts within and between the TEC, Vasari, and Advent have pushed the battlegrounds into uncharted space. The sectors now being drawn into the war feature the most dangerous and powerful natural phenomena in the galaxy.

Exploit what resources remain in these dangerous sectors while you can. The uncharted depths of space hold threats beyond any natural phenomenon, and not all of them wait to be explored.

Key Features:

  • New stars:

    Skirt the boundary of a deadly black hole, avoid the deadly radiation of a spinning pulsar, and survive the crushing gravity of an impossibly dense neutron star.

  • Six new deep space anomalies:

    Mine the riches in the wreckage of a devastating fleet battle or recharge at an inexplicable fountain of antimatter tearing apart the fabric of space-time. Each anomaly’s all-new gameplay effect adds variety and strategic opportunities to every map.

  • 11 dramatic random events:

    The fate of not just your empire but the galaxy at large will change in a heartbeat with Stellar Phenomena’s random events enabled. Stars launch volatile gases that shut down orbital operations, mobile storms wreak havoc across the solar system, and conquered factions sense your weakness and seek to reclaim their worlds.

Customer reviews


Rebellion Phenomena, contingencies and possibilities.

curta | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all curta's reviews »

A dlc is always difficult to assess, in particular with regard to a vast and successful game as Rebellion. At first glance it would seem that the changes introduced are less than in the previous Forbindden Worlds, but the real news here is the introduction of the 11 random dramatic events that can really turn the tide of a game now taken for granted just like when you pick the wrong Monopoly's contingencies and possibilities. New stars and space anomalies round off the additions. Definitely a must for the hardcore SIN players, recommended to all the others at first discount offer.