Star Wolves 2

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Six years have passed after the events of 2226 A.D. The balance in the galaxy has been restored as transgalactic corporations have been deported to the outskirts of the galaxy and deprived of their power.

The Empire, just as before, continues to fight against the Aliens. As a rule armadas of battleships aren't used in such conflicts. Small maneuverable squadrons that can attack and retreat quickly are better suited for this type of war. This means that the famous Star Wolves team is back in action!

Star Wolves is a 3D space RPG with deep strategy and tactical elements. The game thrusts players into a world of freelance space hunters during a time of war for the all-powerful Empire. Human space pirates, rogue AI computers that rebelled against humanity and Aliens roam space in search of easy prey and planets to conquer.

Key Features:

  • Star Wolves 2 is a sequel to the best-selling space strategy with role-playing elements

  • Huge game world with over 50 star systems and complete freedom to move from one to another

  • New ships including the Mothership, improved fighters and ships built using alien technologies

  • Upgrade your ship with a huge range of parts

  • New characters and mercenaries to join your team

  • Non-linear storyline, several ways to finish the game and dynamic missions. It is up to the player to choose where to go and what missions to pick up.

  • Upgrade your ship with a huge range of parts

Customer reviews


Peak point in the series

michalmichal | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Star Wolves 2 must be the peak point of the series. It expands and improves what was good in the first one and fixes some issues that people complained about. On the other hand it doesn't fall into the trap of becoming too detached from the storyline and completely sandbox-like. You are still guided by the story and your game will be focused on completing missions, and the game manages to give you the right balance of freedom and structure. You are not left completely on your own like it is in the third game in the series, which is all about getting richer and more powerful. Here you have just enough of it to let you enjoy the game and freedom, yet the storyline is interesting enough to guide you through the game. For me it's the best Space Wolves game.