TimeLines: Assault on America

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Third party DRM: Steam

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July 20, 1942, Berlin, Germany

The United States’ Office of Strategic Services (OSS) take advantage of information provided to them by the underground German resistance against the Third Reich. The OSS launch operation ‘Wolf’s Head’, where top marksmen hide among a rally given in honor of Adolf Hitler.

Thousands of onlookers salute and cheer as the blue Mercedes convertible carrying the Third Reich leader makes its way through the downtown Berlin rally. Gun shots are heard, and the crowd screams. In a panic, several German officers run towards the convertible. There, they see Adolf Hitler with two bullets in the head. One man shouts out ‘He is dead!’

July 21, 1942

Thousands of Germans are arrested and interrogated by enraged German Leaders. The German army learn of Operation ‘Wolf’s Head’ and decide to abandon plans of invading Russia. The Germans convince their Axis ally Japan to launch a two front invasion of the United States of America. Germany will attack from the East while Japan will invade on the West. The United States Army must defend their country from the Assault On America.

Key Features:

  • 12 missions culminating in the battle for Washington D.C.

  • 4 player co-op multiplayer: choose between 9 playable countries USA, UK, France, Russia, Japan, German, Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia

  • Multiplayer modes include, Player versus Player and Player vs A.I.

  • Cross Platform multiplayer PC/Mac/LINUX

  • 20 unit types per nation upgradeable for all infantry and vehicles (200 usable upgrades) Tanks, Trucks, Commander Vehicles, stationary guns, and much more

  • Defensive tactics include minefield planting, stationary turrets, and anti-tank assault

  • Airstrike capabilities for offensive special attacks

  • Learning AI that adjusts to the player's skill level

  • Delayed orders allowing for multiple commands to be followed in unison

  • Elevated terrains allowing for multiple strategic tactics

Customer reviews


World War 2 with a great twist

michalmichal | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Oh my, I just love alternate histories, and this game includes one that I haven't ever seen mentioned. This real time strategy game is set in a word in which Adolf Hitler is killed in an assassination, and so Germany can make a pact with Japan in which they arrange to launch and assault on America. How can you not love this idea? You can play this history in a game which features both a single player campaign of a dozen of misssions, or a great multiplayer mode with up to four players on one map. You will get a wide choice of units, which can additionally be upgraded for an even wider choice of options. You can lead one of nine nations, including such historically minor combatants as Czechoslovakia. What more could you ask for if you want an alternate WW2 game?