Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"You'll get an experience much more like a Civil War-era wargame with Fall of the Samurai, as opposed to a medieval wargame with the original Shogun 2, and that, in itself, is worth the cost of admission, let alone all the new units, locations, abilities, factions, and bells/whistles." -

"Shogun 2 was a massive, beautiful game, and Fall of the Samurai is that same massive, beautiful game, except now it's got guns and trains, and a much stronger theme that plays into the mechanics." -


Doesn’t require the base game TWS2 to play

The standalone expansion to the award winning Total War: SHOGUN 2 explores the conflict between the Imperial throne and the last Shogunate in 19th century Japan, 400 years after the events of the original game – a dramatic clash of traditional Samurai culture with the explosive power of modern weaponry.

Guide ancient Japan into the modern age, as the arrival of America, Britain and France incites a ferocious civil war which will decide the future of the nation.

Dramatic 19th century Japan setting

Based on the backdrop of the Boshin War period, the new campaign starts in 1864, a time of growing resentment against Western colonial power and influence. As Japan began to modernise and industrialise, the inevitable social and economic changes led to increasingly militant nationalism and antipathy towards the Shogunate.

6 new playable clans

Play as a clan supporting the Imperial throne, or the last Shogunate:

o Shogunate clans: Aizu, Nagaoka, Jozai

o Imperial clans: Choshu, Satsuma, Tosa

New foreign powers

The American, British and French nations played an important part in the story of the Boshin war and your relations with these foreign powers will be integral to unit recruitment and to advancing your technology trees.

New 19th century Japan campaign map

o The new island of Ezo extends the SHOGUN 2 campaign map northwards.

o Fully refreshed towns and other campaign map features reflect the different time period, with railways making their first appearance in a Total War title.

Railway lines on the campaign map

o Develop your own railway network to move armies and agents between your regions.

o Railways can be sabotaged and transport can be blocked by enemy armies who take control of parts of the line or railway stations.

39 new land units

o Including modern ranged units - such as the Gatling gun and Armstrong gun - controllable in a new first-person mode.

o New units can also be recruited from foreign powers, including the British Royal Marines, US Marine Corps and French Marines.

*10 new naval unit types with a total of 21 ships *

o New steam-powered warships, heavily armed with modern artillery.

o Foreign ironclad ships can also be purchased, including the Warrior-class ironclad.

New port siege battle type

o This new battle type triggers when attempting a naval assault on an occupied enemy port.

o The attacking fleet must sail into the harbour and capture the port, running the gauntlet of coastal gun defences.

New land and sea unit interactions

o During a land battle, armies can call in offshore artillery support barrages.

o Conversely, costal gun emplacements can target enemy ships during port siege battles, when ending their turn within the range of upgraded coastal defences.

o Campaign map bombardments: offshore naval units can bombard armies and cities in adjacent coastal areas on the campaign map itself.

*3 new agent types * o The Foreign Veteran, the Ishin Shishi and the Shinshengumi. o Each new agent has its own skill tree. Ninja and Geisha agents have had their skill trees updated.

Improved siege battle mechanics

o New upgradable tower defences can be built with a specific defence specialty: archery, matchlock or Gatling gun.

* 4 new historical battles *

Fight in 4 brand-new dramatic portrayals of the major historical battles of the Boshin War.

Multiplayer 2.0

o New Conquest map reflecting the 19th century setting

o Brand-new Fall of the Samurai avatar, including:

Over 40 new retainers

Over 30 new armour pieces

New 19th century avatar skill tree

Multiple avatars: players can enjoy multiple careers and progression across Shogun 2 and Fall of The Samurai

Customer reviews


A Land Divided

xiluxpain | Jan. 17, 2014 | See all xiluxpain's reviews »

What sets Fall of the Samurai apart from vanilla Shogun 2 is most likely the uses of artillery and firearms.

When you step into the world of Fall of the Samurai, you are fighting in a divided Japan that is inevitably headed for modernization. Even though one side fights against such modernization, you see the inevitable coming of it. The side that is slow to modernize will be engulfed by the advanced units of the other.

The one thing that makes Fall of the Samurai unique is the more numerous numbers of random events. These events will most likely affect the game long-term. Examples are random recruitment of agents, which may go over the limit of having 5 agents. Another could be letting your students study abroad in another major nation. In return, you may find yourself with a little gifted unit that is superior.

My personal score of the game is affiliated majorly with the uses of range weapons. I'm not a fan of a game that focuses on only range. But anyone who plays Total War for the management, this game will put you to the test. If you are a fan of Empire or Napoleon Total War, this will have a very familiar feel.

Anyone who loved Empire or Napoleon, this can easily be 90 minimal score game.


A good expansion

PrecisionUnknow | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all PrecisionUnknow's reviews »

This is a nice expansion to Shogun 2 Total War. Fall of the Samurai takes you to the mid to late 1800s when the Empire of Japan was at war with the Shogunate of Japan. While you have a choice to be on your own side or one of the two. The game brings in new features not introduced to the other series. Like the ability to control artillery guns, shore defense guns (which also meant you were able to have shore and navy battle), as well as controlling a ship. You would be able to determine where and how often (primarily the Gatling gun). In addition, trains have been added, allowing faster travel of units and yielded other benefits in the designated provinces. What was most appealing however was Samurai soldiers fighting against modernize troops from that era.

The major downside to Shogun 2 and its expansions are that they big consumers when it comes to your CPU and other specs. In which it could be more optimized. Specifically its game engine (the same as the one in Rome 2 Total War) needs to be fixed, which you will noticed significant differences in just the game engine alone if you compare Rome 2 with Shogun 2. (Rome 2 loads faster and runs faster).

Shogun 2 FOTS is however worth a shot. It is a very worthy expansion adding new stuff and even expands the map. A must have for both RTS and Total War fans.


Very Enjoyable, not without flaws

CISphil | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all CISphil's reviews »

Fall of the Samurai is a great addition to Shogun 2. It takes place during the Boshin war in Japan between the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Emperors forces (imperialists). Typically, the campaign will progress with the imperials being mostly gun armies and Shogunate forces mainly traditional (melee) armies. When you select a clan, they will already have pledged allegiance to either the Shogun or the Emperor but you may change this decision at any time or, when powerful enough, make your own power play and seize Japan for yourself. Sea battles are quite fun too but can end quite abruptly/explosively sometimes in ways that seem to make no sense. There are also more historical battles which I found very enjoyable.

There are some problems that arise in the campaign such as traditional clans not accessing some higher level units making them easier to defeat or many clans of one allegiance turning to another making the game either painfully difficult or ridiculously easy (barring being forced to betray an ally just to meet the territory requirements for winning).

Overall, the gunplay is a nice change of pace and the campaign is worth fighting again even if it is more focused than regular Shogun I highly recommend this DLC.


An exciting expansion

domenthechief | Aug. 4, 2013 | See all domenthechief's reviews »

Fall of the Samurai offers an amazing action-packed gameplay and a fun campaign that is set in the time of the rise of the Japanese empire. This expansion is much better than the Rise of the Samuri expansion since it offers completely new tactics and demands different approaches when facing certain dilemmas.

It also introduces new unique units, new playable clans with different traits, railway lines for economy growth and more. And on top of that - Fall of the Samurai campaign could just be more interesting than Shogun 2 original campaign. Definetly a must-buy for all people who love Total War franchise and the era of Imperial Japan.


very good

odren | July 22, 2013 | See all odren's reviews »

there's stuff exploding, lines of men dying in seconds, charges falling apart beneath a hail of bullets, all quite exciting. other than that the gameplay is good, the maps are quite remarkable to behold, the models are beautiful and it's a great extension to Shogun 2 so you should probably buy it