Tropical Stormfront

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Third party DRM: Other

Playfire Client required to download and play.


Tropical Stormfront is Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game in a tropical setting. Take command and join the ultimate war of good versus evil. Defend your freedom against the forces of darkness. Fight real-time battles in the tropics and become the ultimate leader. The game features a multitude of pre-defined missions such as survival mode, eliminate all the enemy forces, capture the flag, hold the flag, defend against incoming forces, capture the enemy general, sea battles, air battles as well as tank fights.

To complete the objectives you take command of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and fight against the evil forces of Order, Discipline and Obedience (ODO). Choose the right strategies for each of the battles and you will claim ultimate victory!

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Strategy (RTS) in the Tropics
  • Tutorial (for RTS beginners)
  • Multiple Campaign Missions
  • Skirmish Games (Random Setup)
  • Challenging AI
  • Land: Battle Tank, Missile Tank, Artillery, General/Commando Unit
  • Ships: Aircraft Carrier, Cruiser, Destroyer, Submarine, Transporter
  • Air: Fighter Plane, Apache Helicopter, Airship
  • Nations Include: USA, England, Russia, China, Japan, India and Brazil
  • Team-Play (together with the AI)
  • Fog of War/Exploration Fog
  • High Score and Playing Statistics
  • Engaging Music and Sound Effects

Customer reviews


Medicore RTS Game

ravestar | June 20, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews »

Tropical Stormfront PC version is a bad port because of the controls. It's hard to recommend this game when there are noticeable flaws in the gameplay and design that make it a forgettable gaming experience. One example is the planes, you can't control them at all, you can only build them. That's a very strange concept for a RTS. Tropical Stormfront has poor controls, because it was initially released for mobile gaming. The transition to keyboard and mouse didn't work on the PC version. The audio in the game is also VERY repetitive, emphasis on VERY. You keep hearing "Ok" when moving units, that became annoying fast. Think of this as a mediocre version of Command And Conquer.