UFO: Aftershock

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Third party DRM: Steam

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UFO: Aftershock is a combination of tactical squad combat and global strategy that enhances and expands upon its prequel, UFO: Aftermath.

It is the year 2054. Fifty years after the disaster. Fifty years after the surface of Earth became uninhabitable. Retreating to the flying haven of the Laputa the remnants of humankind clung onto existence. Then a revolt against the increasingly rigid and corrupt human leadership of the Laputa escalated into a conflict that destroyed the colony. Now, the remaining survivors flee once again. Can they reclaim the Earth from the unknown forces that chased them into the skies?

Key Features:

  • Intertwining global strategy and small scale tactical missions

  • Strategic resource and base management

  • Enhanced SAS (Simultaneous Action System) and RPG system in tactical play

  • Fight your way through multi-level buildings, inside and out

  • New amazing items and technologies to research and develop

  • Radical new training and experience system

  • New terrifying enemies and powerful allies

  • Added diplomacy element

  • New gripping storyline

  • Interactive destructible environment

Customer reviews


UFO to the next level...

Doc | Jan. 9, 2015 | See all Doc's reviews »

We all loved the old X-Com's, UFO Defence and Terror from the Deep. Many of us still have them on our PCs, after 20 years. After some shoddy efforts, we were left with nostalgia. BUT, in 2003, Altar Interactive resurrected the concept: UFO Aftermath was released. Not so bad, not so great. But it was like water in the desert - who cares if it's smelly and hot? it keeps you alive. So the dev team was encouraged, and in 2005 released the next chapter, UFO Aftershock. Surprise or not, it was a huge leap forward. It bought... well... LAYERS. Everything is more developed, more complex than its predecessor. Base management, resources management, factions, diplomacy, much more interesting tactical maps and so on. In a few words, it set the staged well for the last of the UFOs, UFO Afterlight. But that's another story :) For me, UFO is one of the few game series that go better and better after each game. And yes, I have UFOs still installed, next to the old X-COMs (XCOM is there too, in case you wonder :) )