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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


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"...the campaign is full of tense moments that are sure to keep you coming back for more." - IGN.com

"A wonderful and worthy strategy game with a layer of campy charm that makes the stone-faced seriousness of the game's characters all the more endearing. It's also remarkably accessible, thanks to a great interface that feels comfortable whether you're using a keyboard and mouse or have a controller in your hand." - Gamespot.com

Threatened by an unknown enemy, the Earth’s governments unite to form an elite paramilitary organization, known as XCOM, to combat this extraterrestrial attack. As the commander of XCOM, you control the global defense team in a battle against a terrifying alien invasion by creating a fully operational base, researching alien technologies, planning combat missions, and controlling soldier movement in battle.

Key Features:

  • Worldwide Threat: Combat spans the globe as the XCOM team engages in over 70 unique missions, interacting and negotiating with governments around the world.

  • Strategic Base: Recruit, customize and grow unique soldiers and manage your personnel. Detect and intercept the alien threat as you build and expand your XCOM headquarters.

  • Strategy Evolved: XCOM: Enemy Unknown couples tactical turn-based gameplay with incredible action sequences and on-the-ground combat.

  • Tactical Combat: Direct soldier squads in turn-based ground battles and deploy air units such as the Interceptor and Skyranger.

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Customer reviews


Epic Turn-based strategy game!

karlsanada13 | Nov. 19, 2014 | See all karlsanada13's reviews »

I've played this game for a lot of time now. It's epic, it's gorgeous and outstanding.

What is Xcom: Enemy Unknown?

Xcom: Enemy Unknown is based on a fictional Earth wherein they were attacked by Aliens and most countries decided that they have to fight back, and they build Xcom. The main priority of Xcom is to limit the invasion and drive the aliens back.

The graphics of this game looks good and decent enough. The environment is atmospheric, especially when it's raining. The gameplay is really solid. the cover mechanic is automatic though I really am pissed off about the pathfinding of the aliens and even your team. Sometimes they just go off right in front of each other and get killed because they're too stupid to go to another way. You can also research a lot of things. From Alien corpses,captured aliens, their weapons and such. The battle maps can be a little bit repetitive though in which I don't care as much since there are different enemies coming at you and you cannot dictate what's going to happen.

Storyline, well, is average, I do enjoyed it even though you can say it's almost non-existent in my opinion. It's like get this and get that and bam, we found their base. Sound of the game is awesome, there's a creepy atmosphere here when you're in battle and haven't found an alien yet. It's like you're going to be proned to ambush.

The replay value is well, above average. I mean yeah, you know the ending, but you haven't tried to build all the facilites or heck you haven't even tried combinations like using the robots or go rambo with the heavies.

Overall, the game is fun to play, I really recommend it.


Pure Strategic FUN

akassassinn1 | Nov. 18, 2014 | See all akassassinn1's reviews »

Strategy games have evolved slowly over time , and every strategy game developer says he's gonna change it all , but the only studio that I believed lived up to their promise is Firaxis with their XCOM:Enemy Unknown , time spent interacting with the story in this game will not be regretted , no 2 players will experience the same the same stuff , which gives you infinite possibilities and unmatchable re-playability value! sure the story is a bit on the downside but a meaningful decision making system set in place to make you feel the control over what's happening , charging you with consequences of YOUR own decisions, if you're a strategy addict like me, then this is one experience you'll never forget.


Higher strategy game ever done

CriSilCart | Nov. 16, 2014 | See all CriSilCart's reviews »

The game is very entertaining and sticky, it has a unique theme, and the gameplay behaves as the perfect solution to this because it provides you the control of the team as the greatest leader. The control that you have makes you feel as the responsible of every act, when you manage it, that's why is so surround. On the other hand when you try to order to open fire, it feels frustrating when they miss, that mistake carries a lot of consequences, I think this make the game very strategic in a higher level than the earlier games. About the difficulties levels, it seems very equitative, but you are going to feel the change when you switch from one to the other, at higher difficulties the game turns imposible to play.


A really enjoyable turn based strategy game

smilzoboboz | Oct. 27, 2014 | See all smilzoboboz's reviews »

Old school evil aliens invade the earth and you are the commander of an elite team that should be able to defy that menace. Fortunately the game doesn't take it too seriously and is therefore enjoyable even if it features "evil alien invaders".

The plot was surprisingly varied, considering we're talking about evil alien invaders, but it actually just need to support the turn-based in-field combat mechanics change throughout the progress of the game. It was the first time I approached turn based combat games (and the only turn based strategy game I ever played before XCOM: Enemy Unknown was Sid Meyer's Civilization V) but I found XCOM: Enemy Unknown gameplay system pretty straightforward and enjoyable.

Game graphic is nice, I wouldn't have changed anything on that part, music instead sounds often repetitive even if it matches the atmosphere.

Now, the cons. Percentage system is not totally random but randomly predetermined: if you miss a hit, no matter how many times you reload a savegame and/or change actions before that very hit, it will miss (even with 98% hit chance). The movement system gets you hard time with ramps/levels/obstructions. Finally, this game has a few bugs, one above all it may happen that the game still runs without any visual issue or crash BUT no matter what button you press, you can't do anything and you need to force quit the game (happened 1 to 3 times per finished game).

To recap, if this game was made for PC in the first place a lot of things would have been better, but it is clearly adapted to consoled limited controls (gamepads != mouses) and then ported to PC. The good thing is that, controls aside, the game has a lot of customizable options and since it uses the unreal engine it's pretty solid. Also, the game runs on linux, I'd say it runs really good on linux and I can only praise that.

If you enjoy turn based strategy combat games this game is for you, if you don't give it a try anyway, I really enjoyed it as my first time turn-based combat game.


Good strategy

Alfa8789 | Oct. 22, 2014 | See all Alfa8789's reviews »

I haven't really played the old XCOM and I'll sound like a fan boy, but I'll keep this review short. This game is very fun and some what frustrating but is only because I was losing when I played on hard mode and getting my butt handed to me. All I can say is if you like RST games or military (REAL) simulation either way, and if you want to get away from the Call Duty generation or the FPS games this is the game for you.