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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


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"...the campaign is full of tense moments that are sure to keep you coming back for more." - IGN.com

"A wonderful and worthy strategy game with a layer of campy charm that makes the stone-faced seriousness of the game's characters all the more endearing. It's also remarkably accessible, thanks to a great interface that feels comfortable whether you're using a keyboard and mouse or have a controller in your hand." - Gamespot.com

Threatened by an unknown enemy, the Earth’s governments unite to form an elite paramilitary organization, known as XCOM, to combat this extraterrestrial attack. As the commander of XCOM, you control the global defense team in a battle against a terrifying alien invasion by creating a fully operational base, researching alien technologies, planning combat missions, and controlling soldier movement in battle.

Key Features:

  • Worldwide Threat: Combat spans the globe as the XCOM team engages in over 70 unique missions, interacting and negotiating with governments around the world.

  • Strategic Base: Recruit, customize and grow unique soldiers and manage your personnel. Detect and intercept the alien threat as you build and expand your XCOM headquarters.

  • Strategy Evolved: XCOM: Enemy Unknown couples tactical turn-based gameplay with incredible action sequences and on-the-ground combat.

  • Tactical Combat: Direct soldier squads in turn-based ground battles and deploy air units such as the Interceptor and Skyranger.

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Customer reviews


A fun game with a lot of poor design choices

Legolas_Katarn | Oct. 6, 2015 | See all Legolas_Katarn's reviews »

The game opens with an atmospheric tutorial, unfortunately the same feel isn't kept once the game really starts but it still makes for a good opening. Four classes of soldiers are featured each with two abilities to choose from every time they get a promotion, giving you some options on what kind of character you want to create. Permanent death makes you really think about your actions so you don't lose your favorite characters, although if you want to make things a little easier them game does allow you to reload saves if you want to. A variety of upgrades are able to be researched giving you access to better weapons, armor, items, some with fun abilities to use on the field such as a cloak, jet pack, or a grapple hook. Grenades and rockets can be used to destroy walls and cover or to cause objects in the environment like cars to explode and damage nearby enemies. The game has large amount of poor design choices, You will run into frequent bugs relating to shooting through walls or grenades going through walls. Line of sight problems can prevent you from seeing things right next to you, and likely due to the way the game handles elevation it doesn't understand how ramps or stairs work since they don't just jump to the next preset levels often causing problems with line of sight when there is only slight elevation difference and without taking height into consideration. The game lacks useful information you would expect to have in a turn based game likely due to the console versions, things like how far your character can see, range indicators, if moving to a different location would allow you to shoot at a known threat. The game is short and you end up upgrading equipment very quickly to the point where you will only be using regular guns for a short time, or you might just end up skipping laser weapons, and moving straight to the final plasma weapons. You start to get some cool armor as the game goes on but might not have as long to play around with it as you would like. There is low map variety, horrible in UFO crash missions that have you frequently placed in the same forest area. Poor character customization options, but color choices improve with DLC. You have no choice when it comes to what class soldiers get once they get their first promotion, it can be very annoying to see a character with a high aim stat become a class where you would want them using a shotgun or heavy weapon or when you keep getting the same class when you want another one. Terrible country panic system where you might need to rely more on luck to keep countries safe because aliens somehow hit three different places at the same exact time all the time, and you are prevented from sending out multiple teams. Terror missions are badly done, both because of the poor civilian and Alien AI when civilians are involved and because of the random placement of civilians can make things extremely easy or nearly impossible, it also makes very little sense that you are capable of completely negating panic from spreading if you do well enough as an entire town was likely destroyed and civilians would still have been killed. Soldiers are limited to taking only one item with them forcing you to make strange trade offs where you are deciding between taking things like a scope, armor, grenades, or a medkit. The game also has an uninteresting story with characters that end up being kind of annoying. A lot of improvements were made and some of the problems were fixed in the Enemy Within expansion.


Best strategy game of all time

ninjakiller35 | Sept. 27, 2015 | See all ninjakiller35's reviews »

At first, I was reluctant to buy this game because I am not a fan of strategy games. After buying this, my world was changed. Great storytelling, great combat, great cover system, great upgrades and just great everything. I would recommend even paying full price. If you buy this game, you will not regret it


Great Game!

rkbowman86 | Sept. 27, 2015 | See all rkbowman86's reviews »

I have spent quite a lot of time playing the game, and although it isn't my favorite and certainly isn't anything amazing, I have had a fun play through so far and I look forward to playing more



vinkvin | Sept. 18, 2015 | See all vinkvin's reviews »

I got this gem of a game from a giveaway by filling a best game of the year in late 2014. At first I didn't expect much from this game, but after playing it for a while and get a gist of it, I can say that I LOVE this game! You won't only get hooked by the battle missions, but also managing your base/research and funds. Its the best isometric turn-based strategy of the century, with pseudo-generated enemies and maps on each mission. You are a commander of XCOM, where you must keep the balance of your battle strategy and your base/research strategy. Conclusion: + Recommended at full price (especially at a discount -> its on 75% discount right now) + You should DEFINITELY buy the XCOM: Enemy Within as it adds many contents and story to the already awesome game + You can buy the complete pack if you want also


memory lane

thewire | Sept. 17, 2015 | See all thewire's reviews »

This game reignite my previous experience with Xcom UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep. I have fond memory on those games. This game is basically it with better graphics and better weaponry. Also the base hive system is way better than the previous version. Glad they are sticking with the time-based system. Wish they make an online multiplayer co-op instead of PVP. Massive big maps each player control a squad vs 100000 aliens! A buy if you ask me.