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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


You play as an unassuming green blob named Filo, who has an incredible ability: to control his many, many clones -- referred to as the “ME”. These clones possess all sorts of fun abilities that can be used to solve puzzles throughout the game. As you progress further through Filo’s adventure, you will find a variety of new types of clones. Understanding and harnessing their unique powers are key to your success.

Filo’s myriad of adventures take him to a whimsical universe. It features a colorful art genre filled with adorable characters in their world’s mysterious environment.

Key Features:

  • Discover new transformational abilities as you progress through each chapter. Learning to master these forms and using them in sequence, is key to solving the game’s many puzzles.

  • Filo’s endless adventures take you to a wondrous world of color filled with delightfully, intriguing characters.

  • Ride massive and powerful creatures. Utilize their unusual abilities to solve special puzzles and to smash through pesky obstacles on your way to the goal!

  • Boss monsters, each with their own distinct characteristics, will try to eliminate you. Challenge and overcome them.

  • Earn your rewards when you have solved the puzzles! Dozens of adorable costumes, ancient artifacts, and bonus levels are waiting for you!

Customer reviews


I am become many!

toshexy | Aug. 2, 2014 | See all toshexy's reviews »

As you might know I love platformers, especially ones that look so appealing. The visuals of this game are great yet the game feel is the same as on 90's console platformer games. You play with characters that are "ME"s - and they got their own traits - just like smurfs. You got Awesomely, Bravely, Couragely and a ton of other Me's. Game also cracks a good humor and a ingenious style of play I have not seen in other games. The way you control a lot of characters at once is superb. You have to combine the traits of various me's to be able to progress. The music is pleasing and calming. The visuals, as I already said, great. The puzzles challenging enough. I definitely recommend it.