Gina is a Discworld fanatic and she was pretty much sold on the magic of video games, when her favourite Terry Pratchett novels were transformed into a point and click adventure game on PlayStation. From there, Gina’s love for story based games and driven characters have made her pursue her love for the gaming arts.

Her favourite games include Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Grim Fandango and the Call of Duty series. She is fascinated by the ever evolving games industry and the immersion that video games give players.

Gina loves to relate games to her favourite films and books and connecting them to stories about inspiration and thoughts from the creators themselves.

When she’s not typing away in the office or getting lost in a book or game, Gina loves to write stories of her own.

She’s also pretty good at baking and since moving to London, has discovered the craft beer scene, which she says is a great combo, beer and cake.