Aporia: Beyond The Valley – Developer Walkthrough

Aporia: Beyond The Valley is officially coming out on the 19th of July for PC, and the team at Investigate North have put together a walkthrough video which shows off some of the games key features.

For those of you who don’t know, Aporia tackles story telling in a truly unique way without the use of text or dialogue. Players find themselves in a mystical land where they have woken up from hundreds of years of sleep. It is up to you to work out where you are, who you are and the mysteries of this rich landscape. For more on the games story, check out our previous article here.

You can check out the developer walkthrough below.

Aporia: Beyond The Valley launches on the 19th of July for PC, you can pre-purchase the game from the Green Man Gaming store right now.

You can get more information on Aporia over at aporiathegame.com.