Green Man Gaming Change Log

Welcome to the Green Man Gaming Change log. This page will be updated with new features we have implemented and fixes we have made to the site. This will be updated on a weekly basis and you can check out the latest changes and updates below.

16th June 2017

  • New Feature – We’ve updated various pages on the site so that you can now see all of the platforms a game is available on. Pages we’ve updated are; Product Display Page, Carousel, Cart Summary page, Want List, Order Confirmation Page and Order confirmation emails.
  • New Feature – We’ve enhanced our search page, so that people can better search for what platform a game is available on.
  • Bug Fix – Fix was made to the associated products block, to resolve an issue around the Product Display Page crashing.
  • Bug Fix – Fix to the basket page that addressed an issue where US users were not required to select a state when completing their billing details.

8th June 2017

  • New Feature – There’s now a checkbox that allows you to save your PayPal details. So that the next time you checkout with us, it’ll be an even quicker process.
  • New Feature – We have implemented in-context Paypal. This means when paying by PayPal you no longer leave our site.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an issue where YouTube clips were being incorrectly sized on the Product Display Page.
  • Bug Fix – Three blocks of content show in search when no results are returned. These blocks were not displaying in Tablet or Mobile view – This has now been resolved.
  • Bug Fix – Searching for ‘Or’ or ‘And’ was throwing up an error message – this has now been fixed.
  • Bug Fix – Addressed an issue where if we were to update the price on a piece of content that is displayed on mobile, it would disappear from the mobile page.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed the issue where removing a voucher on the basket page would cause the page to crash.

25th May 2017

  • Bug Fix – Styling fixes to community in mobile view
  • Bug Fix – Correcting spelling mistake on community ‘login’ changed to ‘log in’
  • Bug Fix – Fixed disappearing navigation bar on community

8th May 2017

  • Bug fix – Previously, only the text within the View Basket button was clickable. This has been changed so that the whole button is clickable.
  • Bug fix – Resolves an issue where users were being redirected to the wrong page after activating their account and trying to sign in.
  • Bug fix – Previously, when signing in on the product display page, if you were to tab from the username field, it would highlight the forgotten your password link. Now, it will tab to the password field, so that signing in is easier/quicker.

27th April 2017

  • Bug Fix – Grammatical error fixed in Green Guard pop up screen
  • Bug Fix – Load more button fixed on community profiles
  • Place holder messages on the profile pages now updated
  • Bug Fix – Graph removed if gameplay data cannot be displayed on game pages
  • Bug Fix – Search page filtering fixed

21st April 2017

  • New feature – UI change to the mobile checkout page so that it is more obvious to users that they need to sign in before they can complete their purchase.
  • New feature – We’ve changed the default loading of the community so that posts default to load in a collapsed view. This allows users to see more threads at a glance. Users can expand
  • threads by simply clicking on the thread name.
  • Bug fix – If a user has no private messages, we displayed wording, with a link, prompting them to send a private message. This link should have taken a user through to the compose message
  • screen but it was instead keeping them on the view message screen. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug fix – Various styling tweaks to the Community page.
  • Bug fix – The ‘Community’ button wasn’t working for users who were browsing the site on a tablet device.
  • Bug fix – Update to how we display weeks in the Games Library. As an example, in some scenarios we were displaying 2 weeks and 16 days, whereas it should have just displayed as 4 weeks and 2 days.

6th April 2017

  • Spelling mistake correction fixed on basket error message.
  • Bug Fix with Facebook sign in button
  • Bug fix on return URL sign in
  • Community threads are now shareable on Facebook, Twitter and direct link

28th March 2017

  • Banned users are unable to send private messages within the community

24th March 2017

  • Bug fix to the Games Library page. If a user tried to access this page in a logged out state, they would get re-directed to the log in page. Once they successfully logged in, they were then staying on the log in page when they should have gotten re-directed to the Games Library page.
  • Bug fix to the mobile view. The Community bar was showing on incorrect pages throughout the site.
  • Changes so that the correct currency is applied to logged out users throughout their whole user journey when accessing our site via a Google Feed

17th March 2017

  • Green Man Gaming reviews have been redesigned – Members can now leave a rating and/or a review
  • Reviews now feature ‘thumb up’ and ‘thumb down’ options
  • ‘Game is no longer available’ landing page added.

16th March 2017

  • Various community bug fixes
  • Addition of new channels to the community buzz –  Competitions and Introductions
  • Green Man Gaming Lenovo platform live

15th March 2017

  • Bug fixed with account login – private message can now be viewed once logged
  • Option to follow Green Man Gaming’s Twitch account added to Twitch integration
  • Addition to new format field for SEO

13th March 2017

  • Brand new community pages added for each game on the product pages. Break down of each game now viewable – Ratings, people who own the game, gaming hours
  • Gameplay graph added to community page
  • Twitch integration added – 5 most popular twitch accounts now viewable on site.
  • Main community buzz added for our new community launch which integrates with the blog and product pages
  • Private messaging added to our community platform
  • ‘Your profile’ pages added – members can now add their own avatars, edit their bio and link your steam, twitch or Facebook account
  • Steam stats now available so members can view their top played games, weeks activity and achievements
  • Moderator tools added for our new community platform
  • Games library added so members can see all the games they have on steam, last time the played the game, how long it was played for and their overall game progress.

8th March 2017

  • Login bug fix fixed redirect issue when not logged in

27th February 2017

  • New preference add to my account page. This allows people to opt in/out of promo emails.
  • User interfaces changes on ‘My account’ members can now update Date Of Birth, Email and Password
  • Bug fix for Green Man Gaming search bar

16th February 2017

  • Fixing side bar layout bug fix for tablet

7th February 2017

  • The Xbox Play Anywhere DRM added to Green Man Gaming
  • Mega Menu bug fix

23rd December 2016

  • A new and improved wider header layout
  • Default avatars used in the comments on the blog now look like the Green Man Gaming logo, instead of the Muut logo
  • Members user avatars from Playfire have now been copied across and will be used when you comment on the GMG blog

16th December 2016

  • Performance improvements to make page load speed quicker
  • If a new game appears in a players Steam library, it will now be removed from their Green Man Gaming want list. (only if the players steam account is linked with their Green Man Gaming account)

9th December 2016

  • New functionality and improvements to Green Man Gaming Gift Cards – You can now purchase Green Man Gaming gift cards –
  • Numerous profile page fixes
  • Playfire accounts with a linked Steam account can log into Green Man Gaming with the Steam account login
  • Wallet page and functionality added to site – Once you redeem a Green Man Credit gift card, the gift card amount will be saved to your wallet meaning you can use your credit as and when you want to.

This page will be updated regularly with the changes we make to Green Man Gaming and the Green Man Gaming Community.

Rob :Editor of the Green Man Gaming Blog, Rob has been writing about video games since 2009 for various blogs and websites. Now blog editor for Green Man Gaming, Rob writes features, news and keeps the blog updated with all things going on with Green Man Gaming. He also writes for the both the newsroom and the game hubs. He is also a self confessed comic book and sci-fi nerd. You can check out his community profile here.