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About the Clash of the Titles tournament

We’re putting games head to head for your votes to earn the honor of entering the Green Man Gaming Hall of Fame.

In this round of Clash of the Titles we pitted a whole bunch of celebrities together to see who could claim the prestigious title of Best Celebrity Appearance in a Video Game.

There’s some serious (and not so serious…) celebrity appearances in some of our favourite games, but who is really deserving of the prize? We asked you to find out. Thousands upon thousands of votes were cast and bitter blood was shed in the digital arena. Finally, a champion was found...

And the winner is...

Mark Hamillthe witcher 3

Mark Hamill for his Arkham Joker

There were some serious contenders for this title and it’s no mean feat to push The Illusive Man (Martin Sheen) or Charles Dance’s Nilfgaardian Emperor (The Witcher) out of the running for this famed prize.

It was a close-fought battle but Mark Hamil’s Joker was voted as the best appearance and we think this might just be the highlight of his career. Move over Star Wars, Mark has a new calling...Green Man Gaming awards!

Our contenders assembled with high hopes for fan favourites Elijah Wood (from Broken Age) and Emma Stone (she’s in a game?). As the first round raged on, hopes were dashed and dreams were crushed as they earned a bitterly disappointing 7% of votes between them. In a repeat of the US Election, Trump also failed to win the popular vote.

This particular commentator had money on Cara Delevigne sweeping away the competition, but alas, she only swept away my heart and crashed out in 5th place.

Charles Dance (The Witcher 3)
Mark Hamill (Arkham Knight)
Martin Sheen (Mass Effect 3)
Liam Neeson (Fallout 3)
Cara Delevigne (GTA V)
Kiefer Sutherland (MGS V)
Trump (Surgeon Simulator)
Keith David (Saints Row IV)
Emma Stone (Sleeping Dogs)
Elijah Wood (Broken Age)

Round 2 saw us whittle down the group to some esteemed thespians (and also Martin Sheen). It looked to be a close fight, but once again the batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got away (after Mark Hamill ordered his followers to vote).

Mark Hamill (Arkham Knight)
Charles Dance (The Witcher 3)
Liam Neeson (Fallout 3)
Martin Sheen (Mass Effect 3)

In the end it was Dance vs Hamill, Luke Skywalker vs Tywin Lannister, The Joker vs Emhyr var Emreis (that’s the Nilfgaardian, by the way). After another close round, Mark Hamill takes the prestige of our esteemed award as the greatest celebrity who has ever appeared in a video game (2017).

Mark Hamill (Arkham Knight)
Charles Dance (The Witcher 3)

The Contenders

fallout 3 Mass effect Grand Theft Auto V metal gear solid v the phantom pain surgeon simulator anniversary edition the witcher 3 saints row iv sleeping dogs definitive edition batman arkham knight broken age

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