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The Assassin’s Creed III Season Pass offer provides instant access to all five upcoming downloadable content packs to gamers owning the original game from mid-December 2012.

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Game description

The Assassin’s Creed III Season Pass offer provides instant access to all five upcoming downloadable content packs to gamers owning the original game from mid-December 2012. Assassin’s Creed III downloadable content will feature “The Tyranny of King Washington,” an all-new single-player campaign told through three episodic content packs that lets gamers experience an alternate history of the events following the American Revolution.

It’s 1783 and the American Revolution is over, but the true battle is just beginning. Blinded by a thirst for unlimited power, George Washington has declared himself King. Now, our new hero Connor must dethrone the tyrant and return freedom to the land.

In addition to this all-new single player experience, Assassin’s Creed III downloadable content will feature new maps and characters for an even more expansive multiplayer experience.

Join the Revolution now!

Key Features:

  • Overall discount:

    Score all of the Assassin’s Creed III DLC packs for just £23.99 / €29.99 and save money over the individual pack prices.

  • Explore an Alternate Reality:

    “Tyranny of King Washington,” an all-new single player story lets you experience an alternate history, spanning over 5 hours of gameplay

  • More Multiplayer Mayhem:

    Unlock new maps and characters for an even more expansive multiplayer experience.

  • Get Early Access:

    Season Pass owners will get access to the first DLC one week before other gamers

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Action, Adventure
Freitag, 23. November 2012
Digital PC Download
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  • UPlay Client: UPlay client required to play.
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Reviews for Assassin's Creed III: Season Pass

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Worthy for the story DLC's


Assassin's Creed III: Season Pass comes with three-part story DLC: Tyranny of King Washington, which is worthwhile if you like the main game but wanted something different as the story. You'll gain new powers in the DLC to use at your advantage and to defeat the twisted king Washington. This season pass also comes with multiplayer content for you to enjoy playing with your friends or random people. Buy this mostly for DLC, instead of buying those for separate.

I wish Ubi would do more of those Alternative History DLCs


The season pass gives you access to the DLC released for both single player and multiplayer. If you will ONLY be using it for the single player, then I would advise you to not buy the pass and instead buy the three single player DLC episodes separately each. As for your question of whether it adds content to the game, the three MAIN DLC episodes for the SP, The Tyranny of King Washington, adds a separate story to the main campaign. The only thing it has related to the main campaign are the characters and setting, since the story takes place in an alternate reality. If you enjoyed the main AC3 game, you should like TToKW. It mostly plays the same, but has a few cool twists in its gameplay. The story isn't very important to the overall plot, but it's a fairly interesting "what if" scenario. As for the rest of the season pass content, it's okay. You get an extra mission or two for the main game, and a good bit of multiplayer content. The main draw is TToKW, though-- the rest is just extra.

Great If You Want All The DLC


I am of a split mind when it comes to DLC like this. On the one hand, it collects all of the DLC coming out for a period of time for a cheaper price usually. On the other hand, this is what annoys me most about digital downloads other than nothing physical to hold on to. I'm kind of believe if you dish out $50 or so for a game when it comes out then I kind of think you should have the whole game, not pieces missing that they obviously plan ahead a lot of the time. So in the end, you are paying $80 or more for some of these games which is a lot of money. While I don't mind cheap DLC hat adds some flair or some more cool stuff to the game at a cheap price, $30 for something that I believe should have been included to begin with is a bit steep.

More Assassin's Creed III... But With Supernatural Powers!


The main reason to buy this pack should be to gain the 3 "Tyranny of King Washington" DLCs, as they are the only substantial part with the exception of the Hidden Secrets DLC which adds a few fun, but short missions (and weapons) to the main game in which you search for Kidd's lost pirate treasure. The Tyranny of King Washington is a fun experience, although perhaps not worth the asking price due to it's short length. However, the added supernatural powers (which I wont spoil here) help make for the most fun I've had playing an AC game. My advice is to get this pack on sale for with a voucher, as it's cheaper than buying the Tyranny of King Washington DLCs separately and comes with several other small bits. It's definitely worth owning, it's just a bit expensive at two thirds of the price of the full game. + More AC III + Great Fun (Powers!) - Short - Expensive

If you want more Assassin's Creed III, buy this


Right now one of the DLCs for thIs season pass is out "The Hidden Secrets pack" and it is a good start, It seems Ubisoft is taking the game seriously and they will make more content for this game, Assassin's Creed III will have a great future if they make high quality missions and more characters for the multiplayer. Also the Tyranny of King Washington looks promising, it is a very interesting concept to see a monarch ruling the land of the United States in an alternate reality. I think this season pass is worh it the price for the best game of the franchise.

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