Game Of The Week - Destiny 2

Bungie’s critically-acclaimed online shooter, Destiny 2, is finally coming to PC, letting us all step into the Common, Rare, Legendary, and Epic boots of its killing Guardians. Choose between the mystical powers of a Warlock, the sharp blade of a Hunter, or the raw power of a Titan and group up with your friends in this stunning FPS.

Destiny 2 sees our Guardians stripped of their power - their Light - as they fight to take back everything they lost, including their home. Battle against the Cabal from your makeshift base of operations, The Farm, and work to free the power-giving Traveller from the clutches of this alien enemy. Take part in skirmishes across Earth, Io, Nessus, and Titan as you burn through Power Levels and make your way to an exciting endgame.

Fight your friends in the Crucible, take part in co-op Strikes, and keep building your power until you are ready for the final challenge: the Raid. Destiny 2 combines the compulsiveness of MMO loot with the satisfying gunplay of Halo to remarkable effect.

  • Play an exciting story laced with memorable cutscenes, either solo or in co-op with up to three friends
  • Choose from three classes and unlock three subclasses for each, upgrading your Guardian to suit your playstyle
  • Get your hands on weapons of legend and tear through your enemies with shotguns, assault rifles, revolvers, sniper rifles, and even swords
  • Take the cockpit of a variety of vehicles, from the hoverbike-esque sparrow to an enemy-decimating tank