Game Of The Week - NBA 2K18

One of the most highly rated annual sports games returns in the form of NBA2K18. Offering a brand new take on Career mode, NBA2K18 gives you the freedom to play the way you want to. Whether building your career in NBA games, getting back to fundamentals in the Playground Park, joining the Pro-Am circuit or simply exploring the all-new open neighborhood this is the basketball game that sets a new bar in sports.

The updates to the game don't end with your career however as the new Motion System in the game brings a brand new level of realism to dribbling and off-the ball movement. The overall effect aims to deliver the best gameplay experience possible with the player in complete control at all times.

Featuring every current NBA team and 62 of the greatest teams from NBA history this year's release is shaping up to be the greatest game in the series yet.