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Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30





Based on a true story. Set during the famous airdrop before the invasion at Normandy, where Sgt. Matt Baker and his squad of 101st Airborne Paratroopers were scattered over the French countryside.

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Game description

Based on a true story. Set during the famous airdrop before the invasion at Normandy, where Sgt. Matt Baker and his squad of 101st Airborne Paratroopers were scattered over the French countryside.

As the story unfolds, you must choose between the success of your mission and the lives of your men - your brothers in arms.

Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 will immerse players in the historic, eight-day invasion of Normandy - with unparalleled imagery, authenticity, sound, and gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Real soldiers:

Featuring a cast of more than 20 characters, each with a unique personality, appearance, and style.

  • Real military tactics:

Intuitive and easy-to-use squad controls appeal to both the hardcore and mainstream gaming audience.

  • One of a kind:

Brothers In Arms Road to Hill 30 is the only first-person tactical shooter set in WWII.

  • Unprecedented authenticity:

Historically accurate and detailed battlefields, events, and equipment re-created from Army Signal Corps photos, aerial reconnaissance imagery, and eyewitness accounts.

  • Revolutionary AI system:

Allies and enemies use the standard operating procedures of fire and maneuver to flank and kill their foes.

  • Innovative multiplayer:

Players command three-man AI teams in a battle of wits and skill to accomplish exciting objectives.

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Gearbox Software
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
English, French, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows® 2000/XP (only)
  • Processor: 1 GHz Pentium® III or AMD Athlon™ (2.5 GHz Pentium IV or AMD recommended)
  • Memory: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
  • Graphics: 32 MB DirectX® 9.0c compliant (see supported list*)
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (included)
  • Sound: 16-bit DirectX 9.0c compliant sound card
  • Hard Drive: 5 GB
  • Peripherals: Windows keyboard and mouse only

*Video cards supported at time of release: ATI® Radeon® 8500/9000/X series, NVIDIA® GeForce™ 4/FX/6 series (GeForce 4 MX not supported)

Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

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One of My First Games

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 was one of the first video games I ever owned. I absolutely adored it. It's a gritty fps that takes place in WWII France. I can't say enough to adequately get across how fantastic this game is. The characters seem real; they express emotion and coping mechanisms in order to deal with the realities of war. The story is rich and compelling which features a lot of reflection from the protagonist as he leads his squad against the Nazis. Finally, the gameplay is great. Giving your squad commands in the middle of a firefight is stressful and fun. The guns feel heavy and responsive. Taking cover is a must if you want to survive. And the atmosphere is very dreary and oppresive. 9/10

Still better than mordern tactical FPS

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 was one of the few FPS shooter games I played in the PS2, along with Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, and even today, Brothers in Arms is still the best when mentioning about war in that era. This game gives you a different perspective about war and you must learn and experience what happened during WWII and how the people that fought make it back home. Instead of arcade shooter with aiming, you got more of a tactical and strategical approach in the game as you're a squad leader and you must guide you and your squad across the battlefield of hell. Recommended.

Proof that educational games can be fun!

If you're a history buff and want your first person shooter to feel somewhat refreshing and be something different than Call of Duty or Medal of Honor, this will be right up your alley. It's a team based FPS with some strategy game elements. While the shooting part doesn't need any introduction, since it's as basic as FPS goes, the tactical element of the gameplay is interesting - you have tactical pause and there you decide what your comrades do, flank, shoot, run, whatever you want and need. It makes this game much more engaging and requires some thinking. Let's be honest, it's an old game, so the graphics don't look amazing and hitbox on enemies is incredibly cheap, because back when this game was released cover-based gameplay was something new, so enemies are pretty much invincible behind cover, even if only their foot is under it, your perfect headshot won't register, because the game thinks enemy is still behind cover. What makes this game really shine is that it's not another WWII shooter that lets you play another D-Day (and back in the day, there were lots of them doing the same events) and accuracy. Developers actually took care and even asked ex-colonel of US Army to check if the game is accurate with everything. Pretty good game, but be prepared because it's old, so don't expect all of the graphical bells and whistles today's technology has. For this price, it's really worth it.

Raw Authenticity With Great Gameplay!

This right here is one of the finest shooters and one of the best WWII games you will ever play. The series, fortunately, didn't go bad like other series did, and all 3 games are a great gaming experience. You feel like you're really in the war you're playing. The names and gameplay it's all from the real events that happened, as far as I know. You get attached sooner or later with the characters in the game, feeling like you don't wanna let them down and get them killed. The mechanics of the game are quite... real. I mean, about the shooting, you don't just spray your gun and get them all killed like it's nothing. It has its way of being realistic. The length of the campaign is about... 9 hours, I think? Depends on the difficulty and how you play. There is also extra stuff you can unlock throughout the game and stars that judge how well you went. If you wanna collect everything, it adds, even more, replayability. The game environment is well made and captures, as I said, the authenticity of the actual events. This is something noteworthy to include here, that's why I repeat that. If you're into shooter/WWII games, this game or generally the trilogy of Brothers In Arms is a MUST for your collection.

One of the greatest WW II shooters ever

Most first person shooters pit one man against an army, and this is also true when it comes to World War II shooters. Think of the original Call of Duty or the Wolfenstein series. CoD had other soldiers on your side, but you still ended up doing most of the work, and it relied on scripted sequences that would only kick in once the player character initiated them by moving through a certain area. BiA is different from that. BiA makes it necessary for you to rely on your squad in order to achieve mission objectives, and if played well, you needn’t even fire a shot yourself. Most of the game takes place in the countryside of Normandy, France. You take on the role of Sgt. Matt Baker and you command your squad which is comprised of two fireteams – one is equipped to lay down covering fire and suppress the enemy, and the other team is the assault team which will flank the enemy and take them out. You can use hay bails, hedgerows, fences, and all sorts of other obstacles as cover. You also have a nifty feature called Situational Awareness, which allows you to view the battlefield from a bird’s eye view, even letting you zoom in and out, so you can plan strategies before going back in to combat where you can assign orders on the fly to your team. The game uses Unreal Engine 2, and graphically I don’t think the game has aged particularly well. That was always one gripe that I had with it – that I felt it could have looked better considering the technology that was powering it, which was at least more modern than the Quake III Arena engine which powered Call of Duty and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Compared to games released the same year it just wasn’t up to snuff as far as looks go. I will say that the facial expressions of soldiers are convincing. Animation is decent enough, but the AI isn’t the best. Your squad mates rely on you to issue commands, and they aren’t particularly interested in self-preservation, so they won’t actively seek cover if they find themselves out in the open for some reason, making your job much harder than it should be. Another thing that bugs me is the sound. Smaller details were left out of the game, like footfalls. When running across wide open fields, one would expect to hear heavy footfalls of paratroopers carrying many pounds of gear, the rustle of uniforms and the soft clinking of weapons and ammunition, but this just isn’t the case. Your squad mates are whisper quiet when on the move. It seems Gearbox didn’t learn their lessons from Opposing Force. Tiny details like that niggle me. Apart from that, the weapon sounds seem authentic enough. After making it through missions and achieving specific objectives and completing missions on different difficulty levels, you are given access to media such as films, photographs, and other bonus material that often serves to educate the player on concepts, weapons and tactics used in the mission, or just used in World War II in general. The result is a fine if slightly flawed gaming experience that brings the tactical squad-based shooter genre, made popular by the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon series, to the WW II shooter genre made popular by Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. Those seeking an authentic WW II shooter will find it a worthy candidate indeed.

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