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Greed: Black Border





In the futuristic universe of GREED, the discovery of new interstellar travel possibilities has led to a new age of colonialization.

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Game description

Hack ‘n slash your way through this science-fiction-themed action/RPG.

In the futuristic universe of GREED, the discovery of new interstellar travel possibilities has led to a new age of colonialization. The five largest colonial powers are entangled in a full-scale war over a new element called Ikarium, the recently discovered rare source of nearly unlimited energy. As a former member of an elite military unit, you will fight a battle for your survival not knowing that your actions will lead the fate of all mankind into dramatic consequences…

Key Features:

  • Three entirely different character classes to choose from.

  • A huge variety of different levels in three unique settings, each playable on 3 difficulties, inhabited by fierce and deadly creatures & screen-filling end bosses.

  • Upgradeable skills in three categories per character class – the simultaneous use of these categories causes thrilling skill combinations.

  • Upgradeable character attributes with direct game play effect.

  • Hundreds of items to collect that upgrade weapons and armour.

  • Online and local cooperative multiplayer mode for up to three players.

To find out more go to the Green Man Gaming blog.

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Headup Games
Indie, RPGs
Sunday, May 9, 2010
English, German
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows Vista/7
  • Pentium 4 @ 3,4 GHz or Athlon 64 3600+
  • 1 GB (2 GB for Multiplayer)
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Graphics adapter supporting PixelShader 2.0 and 128 MB ram, at least GeForce 7600 or Radeon X series
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • The following ports must be open for multiplayer: TCP+UDP: 6705.
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Greed: Black Border

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I recommend Greed: Black Border (GBB) but it's a borderline decision.


I recommend it if you feel for a 10h quick action zombie smashing fix! It felt short and I usually spend ages in games like these selling every piece of unwanted loot and backtracking and checking out every corner of every map. So with all of that, I finished GBB in roughly 15h and you might say: "It's not that bad..." But compare that with many other games where I easily have 80+ hours if not outright in the few hundreds and 15h is short. Also there is a lack of weapon, armor variety and monster types. So I guess, in general, the game lacked some content. Now maybe, if you continue after beating the end boss (because you can restart the game at a higher difficulty level), maybe do you get new item images for armor and weapons? I'm not sure but I did not feel like doing the campaign again. I should also mention that because of the way I play, I only assigned some of my skill points, as a ranged damage dealer and finished the game easily on normal difficulty. With those negative aspects behind, let's look at the positives: + It's an isometric ARPG (Diablo style) but set in a sci-fi futuristic environment. + Dropped items are randomized + Nice environments (maps) and nice unit animations + Good sounds Negatives: - Not enough content - Lacks a bit of polish - Not enough replayability So overall, unfortunately, I have to say that if Mass Effect 1 or 2, Diablo 1 or 2, Company of Heroes 1 or 2, Titan Quest, Path of Exile, Dawn of War 1 or 2, etc. are on sale at around the same price as this title, then buy that other title. These games are each worth about 6 times GBB!

Great Graphics & Great Game Go Hand In Hand


I've played this game a lot ! And I have to say that it is one of the better RPG/FPS themed games I've played in a while. I didn't think I'd be to turned on by the cell shaded graphics but I was wrong in so many ways the graphics are pretty awesome. As with any game of this style you get 4 players to chose from & then you get guns & I mean billions of guns I can't say how many I pic up after every battle & battles are a plenty. Sell the guns u don't want for cash, keep the good ones. There is a lot of content to this game with the Season Pass added on & there are tons of side quest. It's great fun by yourself or with a group of 4 friends or just 2 friends the Co-Op is pretty slick. I've got every Borderlands game so far & I haven't been disappointed. I recommend this to anyone who likes fun SP & Co-Op.

Diablo from outer space


A Diablo clone with aliens and sci-fi. Unbeatable. Well, not that good, but if you like sci-fi and shooting against aliens like a space marine give it a try. This action-RPG is far from perfect, mostly because you will be doing the same thing over and over again from the first minute to its last, but I didn't mind since it was kind of fun. A pretty long game, featuring different characters with different weapons that could change the way you play the game. Honestly, I just went through one walkthrough and didn't feel like replaying it anymore. I mean, game is good, but not that good. If you really like Diablo clones and space aliens/marines it might give you some hours of fun, but be careful with this title.

A very mediocre action RPG, boring classes, skills, and combat


Greed is an uninspired Diablo style action RPG set in space. The game begins with you, playing as one of three different classes, answering the distress call of a ship that is now taken over by hostile robots and zombies. After fighting through them the ship crashes onto a planet that you must then escape. The game takes place over three acts. Throughout the entire game the only NPC that you will interact with is a shop keeper, so there is no interesting lore or world building like there is in games like Torchlight or Diablo with the exception of a few news bulletins that you can find. Classes all use guns with each having different ranges, there are no melee using characters that you can play as, which is disappointing since three classes is a small amount for a game like this these days. Leveling up is underwhelming as skills are typically uninteresting and stat points are to increase things like your health and energy, damage is going to be decided by your weapon. Gear has very little variety, without magical items or anything interesting dropping you are only going to be getting pallet swapped equipment with higher stat numbers. The combat itself is uninteresting due to the large amount of damage that most enemies take. The game was also designed around using Gameranger and attempting to play co-op games from Steam is not likely to work. Very poor game, that should be avoided.

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