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Game description

With Krypton Egg you will get back to the pleasures of a good breakout. The objective remains the same: destroy all the bricks of the level using only one ball in order to go to the next level.

You can go up to the 72nd level proposed by this game, but before that, you will have to prepare yourself in order to become the perfect shooter. Above all, do not be scared if dozens of balls are coming up at the same time, up to then everything seems fine. Calm and self-control are the necessary qualities to play this game.

Thanks to its wonderful colors, special effects, but also its dynamic musics, Krypton Egg will seduce all the breakout lovers but also delight all gamers which are looking for the ultimate breakout adventure.

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Plug-in Digital
Plug-in Digital
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows Vista/ 7 (32 or 64 bit)
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Reviews for Krypton Egg

Breakout Meets 2D Shooters.

I would just leave this review with "It's Breakout. It's good.", but there's actually a lot more depth to make it into more of a 2D shooter (at least in my opinion). There is a lot more action in this version because of the inclusion of enemies and more powerups. It does go a bit chaotic though, but it still is fun nonetheless. It's Breakout as a 2D shooter. It's good.

Based on the game Breakout

This classic game is based on the classic game breakout. The objective of the game is to keep the egg in the air to hit the bricks by using the paddle. There are several powerups in this game such as multiple balls and getting a larger paddle. Although the game is not too original since it's based on breakout, it is still quite fun. There are many challenging levels, but the game does get pretty repetitive. Still, I would recommend this game if you like retro games or casual games.

Great old game

I think this game was one of the best of its time. It’s completely crazy. We can use of the creative power-ups that have been never seen in any similar games, such as fly, light, slime, fire. We have to manage dozen of huge balls at a time and last but not least, Krypton Egg turns into a shooting-style game on some special levels. You should definitely try it.

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