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About the Clash of the Titles tournament

Welcome to Green Man Gaming’s Clash of the Titles Hall of Fame. Each month, we’re putting games head to head for your votes to earn the honor of entering the Green Man Gaming Hall of Fame. Check out the latest clash and previous winners here!

Current Tournament

Clash of the titles | Best Assassin in a Video Game

It’s assassin vs assassin in this epic assassin-off. Corvo Attano, brave (failed) protector of Empress Kaldwin and famed magical revenger goes head to head with Ezio Auditore da Firenze - heartthrob, killer, star of never-ending franchises. But who would win?

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Previous Winners

Clash of the titles | Best Celebrity Appearnace in a Video Game

Winner: Mark Hamill for his Arkham Joker

There were some serious contenders for this title and it’s no mean feat to push The Illusive Man (Martin Sheen) or Charles Dance’s Nilfgaardian Emperor (The Witcher) out of the running for this famed prize.

It was a close-fought battle but Mark Hamil’s Joker was voted as the best appearance and we think this might just be the highlight of his career. Move over Star Wars, Mark has a new calling...Green Man Gaming awards!

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