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Wheel Of Mystery


While Stocks last


Purchased a game from our Trick or Treat sale? Receive a voucher code? But will it be a trick or a treat? Try out your code on our Hallowheel and if it spins you’ve won yourself a game. If it doesn’t, all might not be as lost as it seems...

Wheel ends: 8/11/19 @ 16:00GMT


The wheel just went out of stock.
Look out for our next Wheel of Mystery.

Welcome to the Hallowheel! Did you get yourself a treat or a trick?

Sorry, you were tricked! Looks like you didn't get to spin the wheel this time. But maybe this trick is a treat?


You can now spin the Hallowheel.

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For every Halloween Sale game purchased, you will get one Hallowheel code. Find out more about the wheel here. See our terms and conditions here.

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