Facts you didn't know about Destiny

Author: Alex

Destiny is one of the biggest games out there, and Destiny 2 looks like it’ll be the end of year smash hit. Bungie know one thing and they know that thing very well, how to make an FPS, and Destiny had some of the most satisfying guns and gunplay in any FPS.

All that of course is known. Everyone knows that Destiny’s a solid shooter, everyone knows that the guns feel brilliant.

But what about the things about Destiny that aren’t so well known? Well, here we go!

Blow Me Down

Grab a friend and head over to the Postmaster’s hut in the Tower, there’s a fan you can activate there which’ll blow your pal into the air. Good for exercise!


If you’re quick, and if you’re good, you can shoot grenades out of the air. This’ll cause them to explode away from your face, which is just where you want explosions.

Hot Jukes

There’s a jukebox hidden away in the Tower lounge, so make a drink, kick back, and listen to TUNES.

The Clash
The Clash

The Clash

A bounty where you’re tasked with completing clash matches is named “Death or Glory". Which just happens to be a song, by The Clash!

Moon Wizard

“That Wizard came from the Moon!", so said Peter Dinklage, in a line that made sense in context but was so ridiculous Bungie eventually cut it from the game. For a while, anyway.

Blue Venus

Venus is pretty blue, and you might not expect that given how lavarific it is. But did you know that lava can actually burn blue? It occurs when sulfuric gases erupt in conjunction with the lava, and given how sulfuric Venus is, you’d expect to see a lot of blue!

McCartney Sings

Paul McCartney sang the end music for Destiny, a track called “Hope for the Future".

Master Chief

Master Chief

Master Chief

Master Chief’s helmet makes a little appearance in Destiny, on Mars! In the Garden’s Spire mission, you can see a tower that looks just like John Chief’s hat.


Bored of shooting? Well firstly, what’s wrong with you. Secondly, go play a game of football! There’s a football on the left side of the tower hub, so grab it and get kicking!


Don’t like football? Then go grab the purple balloon which can be found on the right side of the tower hub. But be warned, it’s a little more...floaty...than its football counterpart.

Solaire of Destina

Want some Dark Souls in your Destiny? Grab the Hearth of the Praxic Fire exotic armour set and you’ll be greeted with the line "In that last moment she seemed as wholly luminescent as the Sun, and I wished to be so brave" which is a reference to beloved Solaire, who just wants to find his Sun.

Animal Farming

There’s a patrol mission in Old Russia called "Four Arms Good, Two Arms Better", which is a reference to Animal Farm. Just be careful you don’t end up being chased off the planet by angry pigs!

Marathon 2

Marathon 2

Marathon 2: Marathoner

Marathon’s where Bungie started out, and there’s a neat Marathon 2 reference hidden away in Destiny! A Jjaro dreadnought from Marathon was called The Swift Hand of God, which translates into latin as Manus Celer Dei, which is the name of an exotic ship!

Phat Loot

The loot cave which was found in Old Russia led Destiny players to uncover a vast hoard of loot, by killing rapidly respawning enemies. That got patched, but Bungie kept the cave intact and filled it with a pile of burned bodies, a remnant of the hordes of murdered enemies loot hungry players left.

Japan Xbox Woes

You can’t get Destiny on Xbox in Japan! It’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive over there, so if you’re Japanese and you have an Xbox, you’re going to have to import!

Where’s the Cosmodrome?

The Cosmodrome, a vital shipyard, is somewhere you’ll spend a fair bit of time. But it’s real! The Cosmodrome exists in Kazakhstan, although it’s a little less sci-fi in reality.

Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST

The first teaser for what would become Destiny appeared in Halo 3: ODST, a poster on a wall told you that Destiny Awaits. And it did! Only a little while later we learned what Bungie was working on.

Helm of Saint-14

This exotic helm can be purchased from Xur or can be obtained from engrams, but what’s most interesting is the dent in it. According to legend, Saint-14 headbutted a Kell and defeated it, leading to the helm becoming a little damaged.


Randal the Vandal is a Vandal that is caused by a bug, when it spawns, its health is combined from other Vandals that failed to spawn. This makes it a damage sponge and players have christened this incredibly tough foe "Randal the Vandal"

Vin diesel

Vin diesel

Vin Diesel?

Vin Diesel allegedly was lined up to be the voice of The Traveller, but due to Guardians of the Galaxy he had to drop out and The Traveller was retooled to be silent!

Backing Up

On a Sparrow? You’ll be used to racing over the world, but how about throwing it into reverse? You’ll get a beeping noise, which lets everyone know that they need to GET OUT OF THE WAY!

So there you go, did you know all those Destiny facts? If you have another one that we might’ve missed off, let us know!