What we want from Destiny 2

Author: Rob

Bungie have done an amazing job with Destiny, every update they bring out they manage to listen to player feedback and improve upon what Destiny has to offer.

With the latest reveals for Destiny 2, we’ve seen some of what the next in the series has to offer. But what do we want from Destiny 2?

Upgrade the Sparrow and add more vehicles

In Destiny, the Sparrow is your main means of transport on a planet. It’s the beautiful mix of a Speeder from Star Wars and a Ghost from Halo. It’s a lovely little vehicle, which helps you get from A to B, but I can’t help but feel that it needs way more fire power, or any fire power in fact. I would love to see the Sparrow get some cool upgrades such as a couple of cannons or even the ability for players to add upgrades to it such as cloaking or cover shields. Granted this could make the Sparrow pretty overpowered, but if Bungie balanced it right it could be a great game mechanic.

What would also be cool is a variety of vehicles. It’s true, the Sparrow will probably stay dear to my heart but Bungie have been notorious for putting a great variety of vehicles into the Halo franchise, Not that I am saying that Bungie should add a Scorpion to Destiny 2…. Or am I?

More in depth story missions

Possibly one of Destiny’s biggest criticisms at the moment is the story missions. Each of the levels follow the same pattern which for some can be quite tiresome (go to this place, kill all the things, kill the boss of the things, save the day) but for others is just a great way to grind for light and exotic weapons. I would love to see a little bit more variety when it comes to the main missions in Destiny 2. Maybe more add some more objectives within the missions or more story led tasks.

Larger variety of classes

Destiny currently has only three classes for players to choose from. Players can then choose from 3 subclasses within each class, or as I like to call it the ‘Russian Doll’ class system. The bonus here is that players are able to change their subclass at any point but will have to build that subclass from the ground up, eventually building a sort of subclass arsenal.

Currently players can change subclasses as and when they want to. If Bungie gave players the option to change main classes as well, that would also give aspiring Guardians way more variety when it comes to customising their play style.

Matchmaking upgrades

Crucible - Destiny’s PVP mode is where a fair few Guardians spend a lot of their time. I would like to see better matchmaking filters. Time and time again I have come up against Guardians who are new to the game in Crucible, who would benefit from at match with players of their own level. That way it would be more inviting for new players.

Raids - When it comes to raids in Destiny, you need to band together with a group of your friends in order to tackle these challenging dungeons. Some of the time though my friends are either playing something else or have other plans. What would be cool is Matchmaking in Raids, so you can team up with other lonely guardians in order to take on these dungeons head on!

So that’s what we think Destiny 2 needs, here’s hoping that Bungie take all of these into account in order to make Destiny 2 one of their best games yet.