UK Gambling Commission Concerned about Blurry Lines between Videogames and Gambling

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Following the recent weeks of regulators attempting to take action against loot boxes within video games, the UK’s Gambling Commission have made an official statement to explain where they stand with the matter.

The Gambling Commission’s Executive Director, Tim Miller, expressed his concern with the “growth in examples where the line between video gaming and gambling is becoming increasingly blurred.”

“Where it does meet the definition of gambling it is our job to ensure that children are protected and we have lots of rules in place, like age verification requirements, to do that.”

“Where a product does not meet that test to be classed as gambling but could potentially cause harm to children, parents will undoubtedly expect proper protections to be put in place by those that create, sell and regulate those products. We have a long track record in keeping children safe and we are keen to share our experiences and expertise with others that have a similar responsibility. Whether gambling or not, we all have a responsibility to keep children and young people safe.”

He also said that the Commission’s role was to look closely at whether or not loot boxes fall under UK gambling law which is set by Parliament.

As the regulator, the commission’s job is to patrol the line between what is and is not gambling as set by law, and where an activity crosses it and presents a risk to people, especially children, it takes robust action.