Metal Gear Survive: new single-player trailer, beta details


Konami has released a trailer which provides insight into the single-player mode of the forthcoming Metal Gear Survive, and has revealed details of the stealth-survival game’s beta programme.

In the trailer, producer Yuji Korekado sets the scene by describing Metal Gear Survive as a spin-off of Metal Gear V, and emphasises the importance of the Mother base in both the game’s single-player and 4-player co-op modes.

A gameplay walkthrough shows strong emphasis on survival-style gameplay, with elements like hunting animals, acquiring recipes and crafting to the fore. The zombie-like Wanderer enemies make an appearance, and the scarcity of resources like ammo for firearms is highlighted. As is the importance of crafting an oxygen tank, enabling you to penetrate the poisonous mist that envelops the base camp. 

Konami says that Metal Gear Survive will be holding a beta programme, on both PS4 and Xbox One, between January 18 and 21 (as yet, it has not detailed precise start and end times). That beta appears to be an open one, and will be confined to the co-op mode. Players who participate in it will be able to redeem unique items when they purchase the full game, including a Fox Hound nameplate, an accessory Metal Gear Rex head and an accessory bandana.

Metal Gear Survive will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 20.

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