About Stable Orbit

THE YEAR IS 2034. It’s been five years since the International Space Station was deorbited. Space programs the world over have faltered. Against all odds, an unprecedented “All Nations Space Coalition” is formed around a shared desire to rebuild mankind’s permanent presence in space, and rekindle the space race. Who will lead this mission? You!

STABLE ORBIT is a space station simulation game coming soon to PC. Assume the role of station commander and build the next space station!

Features - 
  • Master the most hostile environment - Space
  • A deep and challenging simulation
  • Build a realistic, fully functioning Space Station
  • Unlock 40+ space station modules
  • Manage a number of interdependent resources

Game info

  • Publisher: Green Man Gaming
  • Developer: Codalyn
  • Source: Green Man Gaming
  • Languages: English


If you'd like more information about the game or would like to interview the team behind Stable Orbit please contact David Martin