The Black Death EGX


EGX - The Black Death - Exclusive Discount

The Black Death is at EGX!

We're showing off two new classes, new skill trees and a whole load of other new features. To celerate, you can pick up the game at a very special price, exclusively from Green Man Gaming.


Knights and Outlaws

The biggest addition to the game are two new professions - The Knight, and the Outlaw. These medieval cops and robbers come with their own skill trees and new skills.

The Knight

As the Knight, you can check other players papers to see they are who they say they are, and see if a player has a bounty on their head.

The Outlaw

The Outlaw is key to commiting a life of crime in The Black Death. With the ability to steal from other players, craft counterfeit goods, and even disguise themselves as another profession. Just stay away from the Knight when they are checking papers...

Watch The Black Death team talk about the latest update and answer questions from the community!

Skills and Wellness System

As well as a complete redesign of the way skills are presented in game, every class now has double the skills for you to unlock, and for you to live out your medieval life!

Trying to avoid catching The Black Death was always a key part of the game, but now you run the risk of catching other diseases from the way you play the game - Nausea will mean your hunger increases faster, while headaches and migranes will slow the rate you'll earn experience points.