The Black Death Update

The Black Death update 0.07

New Bounty System, Beggar profession and much more added to The Black Death. 

Brand new features added including a new bounty system allowing players to live like outlaws and beggar profession.  Beggars have an improved resistance to the plague and the ability to beg for money allowing other players to toss them gold coins.

Update Exclusive: 15% off The Black Death and Beggar profession unlocked.

The beggar profession will be unlocked automatically for all players that have already purchased the game and for those who buy the game between 11 – 17 July 2016.

The Black Death is available to purchase today at Green Man Gaming with a special 15% off for one week only!

Buy the game before 17 July to take advantage of the special discount and unlock a new profession.

For more information click here. 

The Black Death