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Aion Levelling Guide – A breakdown of Aion zones by level

Aion has a pretty clear path through it when it comes to levelling up, but only if you know where to go. So we’ve put together this Aion levelling guide to help you know where you should be going from one level to the next. We are going to cover this for both Elyos and Asmodian up to level 25 so you’ve got plenty to go along with.

General Tips

Aion is an MMORPG so there are a few rules that you should remember to make things a bit easier. No Aion levelling guide would be complete without a few general tips. First of all, these games are designed to be played in a group, so joining up with friends or randoms is sure to make the experience much smoother for you. The classes are designed to work together, so make the most of it. You can always level up by grinding out monsters, it isn’t glamorous, but it works. Quests are a great source of experience and will get you loot and further the story too, they aren’t always the fastest way to level up but they will always help.

Also, keep in mind your class if alone: a fragile class isn’t going to be able to go toe to toe often. So if you are a magic-based class or a healer then you will probably need to up the level suggestions by one or two to survive. This is the main point in favour of working with other people. If you’re a support class it is pretty much the only thing that will keep you in the fight. Don’t be afraid to rely on others if your class isn’t meant to be in the front lines, just hang back and play your role. If you do a good job playing your role then your party won’t mind carrying you a bit more when you aren’t able to pull your own weight. It is the same if you are playing a class that gets powerful later but starts off weak, you’re going to need help, so find some good adventuring buddies. z

Asmodian Aion Zones By Level

  • Starting Area 1-3
  • Aldelle Village 3-5
  • Munihele Forest 5-6
  • Anturoon Crossing 6-10
  • Altgard 10-11
  • Moslan Forest 11-13
  • MuMu Farmland 13-14
  • Basfelt Village 14-15
  • Mosbear Habitat 15-16
  • Gribade Crater Lake 16-18
  • Impestusium 18-19
  • Brusthodin and Morheim 19-25

Elyos Aion Zones By Level

  • Starting Area 1-3
  • Akarios Village 3-5
  • Daminu Forest 5-6
  • Melponeh’s Campsite 6-10
  • Verteron Citadel 10-11
  • Northen Tolbas Forst Camp 11-12
  • Tolbas Village 12-13
  • Geolus Campsite 13-15
  • Pilgrims Respite 15-17
  • Dampening Spirits 17-18
  • Verteron Observatory 18-20
  • Theobomos 20-22
  • Eltnen 22-25

What’s Next

Generally, after level 45 you should check out The Abyss. It is a hard place to make your way through and you run a high risk of being dragged into PVP battles, but it is a fantastic place for power-levelling. You also get Abyss points for every enemy you kill so it really helps out on multiple levels. The best thing to do is to go in with a balanced group and make sure you all watch out for each other.