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Middle-earth Shadow of War Abilities And Skills

Author: Rob

Middle-earth Shadow of War upgrades both Talion and Celebrimbor’s skill set from the first game. It adds brand news abilities and moves which can help out any bright lord possessed ranger in the heat of battle. Here is a list of the confirmed abilities and skills in Shadow of War.


Making a come back from Shadow of Mordor, Domination gives you the ability to control the minds of Uruks and beasts. In Shadow of War Domination has been upgraded so Talion can now control the minds of bigger creatures such as Siege Beasts and Drakes.

Elven Agility

Similar to Elven Swiftness in Shadow of Mordor, Elven Agility gives you a boost of seed whilst climbing buildings and running across the open world.

Spectral Dash

A sub skill within the Elven Agility ability, Spectral dash allows Talion to Dash, this skill allows Talion to reach enemies and cover short distances instantly whilst in stealth.


Whilst in stealth, Brutalize allows Talion to sneak up on his target and kill them instantly. This also makes any enemies nearby flee in terror.

Poison Tendril

Talion is able to poison barrels of grog from a safe distance using his bow and arrow. Once enemies consume the grog they are then poisons and this can have many different effect depending what sub skill you select.


This is a sub skill of the Poison Tendril ability which sends Uruks berserk as soon as they consume a poisoned barrel of grog. They will start turning on their team mates and spread the poison from one to the other.

Wraith Chain

This ability can be activated as soon as Talion executes a stealth kill. Celebrimbor is then able to target another enemy and kill a string of enemies in seconds.

Deadly Spectre

Talion is able to lure enemies to his location whilst in stealth. Celebrimbor is then able to kill the enemy whilst Talion moves to a different location. Celebrimbor will lie in wait until the enemy is close enough for him to kill.

There are a lot more skills available in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. We will keep this article up to date as soon as more skills are confirmed.