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Warhammer Vermintide - Heroes

Author: Gina, Rob

If you are new to Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide and are not sure which class is best for you, then you have come to the right place. Here is a breakdown of each of the Vermintide Heroes to help you make your choice before battling the Skaven hordes.

Vermintide - Victor Saltzpyre

Victor Saltzpyre - The Witch Hunter

Melee Weapons: Rapier, Battle Axe and Greatsword

Ranged Weapons: Pistols, Crossbow and Repeater Pistol

Victor is the ideal Hero to use if you prefer one on one combat. His armour piercing rapier is ideal for hacking down heavily armoured Skaven. His pistols are great for taking out generic Skaven hordes, just keep an eye on the ammo as it can be pretty scarce.

The mix of weaponry makes Victor quick on his feet making him both lethal and agile in battle.

Vermintide - Sienna Fuegonasus

Sienna Fuegonasus - The Bright Wizard

Melee Weapons: Wizard Mace, Wizard Sword, Flaming Sword

Ranged Weapons: Wizard Staves (Magic Spells)

Sienna is great for ranged attacks that can pick off enemy Skaven from a distance. This means she is able to add support to other party members if they are being swarmed. Her close combat is decent but nothing nothing compared to Victor’s. So if you are looking for more of a support character then Sienna is for you.

Vermintide - Bardin Goreksson

Bardin Goreksson - The Dwarf Ranger

Melee Weapons: Dwarven Greataxe, Dwarven Great Hammer, Dwarven Battle Axe, Dwarven War Hammer, Battle Axe/Hammer and Shield

Ranged Weapons: Dwarven Crossbow, Dwarven Hand Gun, Grudge-Raker

Known as the tank of the group, Bardin is particularly handy with his shield, as he is able to keep the Skaven hordes at bay without receiving damage. He is also able to push through Skaven hordes so is the ideal character to use should you need some crowd control. Even though he is mainly close combat based, Bardin’s crossbow is surprisingly good at sniping from a distance.

Vermintide - Kerillian

Kerillian - The Waywatcher

Melee Weapons: Duel Elven Daggers, Elven Short Sword, Duel Elven Swords, Elven Dagger Sword Combo

Ranged Weapons: Bow and Arrow (Various Arrow types)

Kerillian is a jack of all trades when it comes to combat. She is a master of both ranged attacks and close quarters combat. As she is multi skilled, Kerillian can cater for almost any play style and is able to shift playstyles depending on the current situation. A formidable team member is you are able to master her.

Vermintide - Markus Kruber

Markus Kruber - The Empire Soldier

Melee Weapons: Great Sword, Great Hammer, Arming Sword, Mace/War hammer, Sword and Shield

Ranged Weapons: Repeater Handgun, Blunderbuss, Handgun

Markus and Bardin are a great tank pairing for any team. Markus’ slower and more powerful attacks are able to obliterate hordes of Skaven, so he is ideal for covering the team’s flanks and rear. He is also a great intro hero if you have not played Vermintide before.